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Having trouble finding drama first impressions or movie reviews? I will try to consolidate everything I have written about films/TV series on this page, so check back often to find what you are looking for. Or hit up UnderratedGem’s search bar!

Before we get started, don’t know what Asian Dramas are?

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2 responses to “Movies & TV”

  1. Alasterius says :

    Love reading your comments, especially your nostalgic musings on some of the classic, older dramas. (P.S. Have you watched ‘Sealed with a Kiss’ by Hawick Lau and Ying’er? If you have, I’m rather curious about any thoughts you might have on it.)

    • Bumbleberri says :

      I’m sorry it look a while to reply to your comment, but thank you! No, I haven’t seen Sealed with a Kiss. However, I’ve read about it so I know the general premise. From what I know, it’s quite intense and the character Hawick plays is essentially a sadist and stalker 😛 Don’t know if its my cup of tea haha.

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