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10 Contemporary Chinese Singers To Know (Part 1 out of 2)

If you’re interested in contemporary Chinese music but don’t know where to start, get ready to meet some of our favorite music artists here at UnderratedGems.

1. JJ lin


Lin Jun Jie, more known as JJ lin, is a big name across Asia, alongside the likes of Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom. Singaporean Mandopop singer-songwriter, composer, and actor. Don’t miss Never Learn, which brings a fistful of emotion to the table. Practice Love  was dedicated to victims of SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in 1997, and animated music video for it was breathtaking. Cao Cao is an upbeat, catchy song about a hero from The Three Kingdoms (era of Chinese history).

2. Xian Zi


Xianzi became famous among internet composers in Guangdong province. In 2005, she was discovered by a Taiwanese producer and became a singer. In 2006, Xianzi sang a famous duet called “Bu De Bu Ai ” with singer Will Pan. Looking for a slower-paced, moving ballad? Tian Zhen is an emotional roller-coaster. And, if you’re into rock music, you may want to try Ni Feng de Qiang Wei 逆風的薔薇. Besides these songs, I highly recommend googling Xianzi  – she has so many good songs (JJ Lin too!), you almost cannot go wrong.

3. Wei Chen


Chinese pop singer and actor, who rose to fame through Super Boy, a televised singing competitions. He is best known through his album “Disparate” and his role as Ye Shuo on Meteor Shower. Dust 埃尘 is a gorgeous (seductive) piece that displays Wei Chen’s wide range of vocal ability and talents in kpop dancing.

4. Jasmine Leong


Leong is a Malaysian-Chinese singer who is a well-known name throughout Asia. Leong, known as “the Queen of Love Songs”, is famous for Read More…

SOTW: Wei Chen’s “Chen Ai”

魏晨 – [尘埃]
To listen and watch: http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/553358

Wei Chen’s new single [V SPACE] just released a new song titled “Dust” a few weeks ago. It’s been consistently ranked in the top 10 of popular Chinese music website, YinYueTai. In 2009, Weichen met with Mainland Chinese viewers in Let’s Watch Meteor Shower as f4 member, Akira. All I remembered was his sweet baozi face paired with a deep, masculine voice. Barely 4 years later, Wei Chen is now China’s hottest idol singer. currently, Weichen is under a korean music management, hence, his mvs are reminiscent of kpop dance music videos.

I just love the beat and the lyrics in Chen Ai/Dust.Wei Chen’s amazing vocals are utilized well, compared to the other songs his korean management label produced with him. It’s very romantic-ballad-meets-kpop-dance. I think the repetition device used within this song really works for, not against it, and really makes this song fantastic.