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2013 Chinese TV Drama Awards Ceremony: Fashion Post

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.51.14 AM

Anhui TV Channel has just hosted this year’s drama awards: To start off, this is purely a fashion post, since I’m not sure exactly who got what awards, I’m not going to mention any of them until the video of the awards ceremony comes out/when I get to watch it. Let’s start the fashion madness. Keep in mind I have no experience in fashion analyzing so my comments will be pretty rudimentary at best. If all fails, just enjoy the pretty pictures!


Joe Chen (Chen Qiao En) is decked in what looks like Read More…

Tang Yan doesn’t leave home without her trusty hat (collective fashion)


Whenever, wherever. Chinese actress Tang Yan reveals her sweet demeanor and good taste for hats in her daily life shots. The actress, who is blessed with flawless skin and above-average height (at 170 cm), often goes outside barefaced with casual sweats. However one thing cannot be forgotten – the hat, the hat! Although most of us normal folks won’t be able to pull off a graphic baseball hat as well as Tang, it doesn’t mean that we don’t lust for them now that we’ve seen how cute she makes them look.


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A Beauty in Troubled Times (Luan Shi Jia Ren) Review


  • Republican era romance
  • Episodes: 44
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Dec-07 to 2012-Dec-21

In a nutshell: Cut through the plotting, corruption, gunfights, and our heroine’s three men, you really have a strong girl’s determination and will to change her destiny and her subsequent rise up the ranks in Shanghai’s upper society. Actress Tang Yan’s strongest performance by far. The story was intriguing enough, but I don’t think I could stomach it again.

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“Born After 80s” First Impressions

Tang Yan is a Young Step-Mom and Bossy GF in this drama
(the kid in the left picture is the hilarious son and macho man on the right is her ex-turned-bf)

I went in this drama watching for Tang Yan, but it was our two male leads who stole the show. Dialogue-heavy, sometimes quite frustrating, but generally light fare. You can expect lovely bantering between our young step-mom (Tang Yan) and her step-son (kickass Zhang Yi Shan!!!) – that’s a highlight of the show besides her love story… Oh, but as for romance, don’t look for too much into that department, if you are only looking for that you might be disappointed.

Gist: Girl marries to a single-dad. He’s a decently well-known pianist. She is only 6 years older than her husband’s teen rebel son, so he’s obviously not happy living under the same roof. Her husband suddenly leaves her and the son in a car accident with a mysterious lady. She’s furiously trying to figure out what happened that night. Meanwhile her hawtayyyy Ex-boyfriend helps her sort things out. Will she find out what happened that night? How will the girl fare with this step-son who hates her for marrying into the family? And what will she do about the ex who wants to get her back? Bonus, there’s bromance, well, sorta, you’ll see! Find out when you watch BORN AFTER 80s. Yeah 🙂 Hehe. I usually like to skip summaries. If you want to have a peek at this drama, here’s the real summary to check out!

This should totally be the follow up series to My Youth. There’s a lot of fast and furious Beijinger/Shanghaiese dialogue thown about – extremely entertaining. I have to confess that this always a selling point for me because it’s so much more realistic and fun than say – exaggerated babyish talk that would dominate most modern dramas. Admittedly, the charismatic actors brought this series to life. Without Zhang Yi Shan – who delivers a stellar performance as a fiesty, stubborn step-son – Born After 80’s would be almost 2-dimensional because the story offers not much to work with. He is for certain, our resident B.A. comedian. For those who find this child actor familiar, ZYS played the middle child from Jia You Er Nv (Chinese sitcom that shot him to fame, circa 2005, think something along the lines of Mary Kate from Full House). Tang Yan, who plays the female lead, An Wen, is only cute when she’s not screaming or lecturing. However she does a pretty decent job in her role as widowed-step-mom in this 2009 series. Oh, and the curly, ahjumma hair she sports in the later episodes annoys me. On the opposite spectrum, Gao Yun Xiang the male lead, has SEXYBEAST acting capabilities on top of his SEXYBEAST looks. Yes, this guy not only has a deep and masculine voice, a model’s body, but YX gets it spot on when he’s supposed to be giddy, lonely, or sad.

Status: I’m currently at Episode 13/26. Halfway to go! So what if this series doesn’t have as much magnetic pull as My Youth? It’s entertaining and an easy watch.

*What the title refers to: The 80s or the Post-80s refers to the generation whose members were born between 1980 to 1989 after the introduction of the One-child policy.