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Li Bing Bing’s Secrets to Youthful Face At 40: Face Masks, Ice Water, and Yoga


Born in 1973, Li Bing Bing, one of China’s most successful A-list actresses has turned 40 this Feburary. This is the age where women are freaking out about their skin and getting wrinkles. Despite the age, Bing Bing appears to defy the laws of nature by showcasing her gorgeous face with no signs aging at promotional and fashion events.

In a scene of American film “Snowflower and the Secret Fan”, actress Li Bing Bing had to become a highschool student along with 1981-born korean costar Jeon Ji Hyun. It is difficult to tell Li’s true age with her radiant, youthful face and beautiful smile that is comparable to Jeon.

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How to Get Milky, Flawless Skin Like an Asian Drama Actress

Jiang Mengjie, chinese actress from Hong Luo Meng

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to slather on makeup in the mornings before school or work? To not have to strip it away from your face at night when you could be enjoying an asian drama marathon? To be less critical and stressed over how you look? These sweet & simple tips will help you off to a step towards a more beautiful, healthy you.

Zheng Shuang, chinese actress from Meteor Shower

I have suffered from insomnia since little, eating fast food (i.e. McD’s and Domino’s), and did not get enough outdoors exercise. Those are the main reasons why I have been suffering from acne. So if you’re like me and trying to figure out some steps to take to a faster, flawless skin like your favorite celebrity… This is for you!

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