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Singer Bii Releases “Come Back to Me” for New Taiwanese Drama

We’ve seen EXO and M4M, two korean boy groups that are composed of Chinese boys. Now I introduce to you a Chinese singer who is actually mixed Taiwanese-Korean. This 23-year old’s name is Bi Shujin 毕书尽 and goes by the stage name “Bii“. You may have heard of this guy’s voice, in fact, if you have chanced upon the new teaser for George Hu and Annie Chen’s new drama “Love Around”, its theme song is sung by him! Name another singer who’s tried to interweave Chinese and Korean in one song. This one is titled Come Back to Me.

By the way, does he not look a bit like Lu Han from EXO? Hehe.

Here’s another song by Bii. He collaborated with makeup artist-turned-singer Chen Shi An 陳勢安 on a song called Be Imperative 勢在必行.

Airplane Essentials for Winter Trips


When traveling, less is more. If you can’t tell already, not only do I love discussing TV dramas, I love my packing. Hey, I even included a checklist for you last minute packers! Take a look at my fashion guide for long flights to get tips on what to wear for the airport, and what you should remember to bring on carry-on. This winter, I’m going to China. From the States, depending on where you live, expect to be on the plane for about 10 to 15 hours if you are making a trip to Asia. Keep updated with all the fun stuff I will be sharing via my Weibo (@Bumbleberri). Remember that this is for winter, so continue to check for updates from the weather channel of your destination. Here is my must-haves in my packing list, plus international travel tips. Read More…

SOTW: “I Got You” by Leona Lewis


This week’s song is English! And it seems that Leona Lewis, a British singer, released this upbeat song 2010. I was watching Beijing Youth and heard this song in episode 30 when Ren Zhiliao wowed the the boys on a makeshift dancefloor with her dance moves. Then I searched around for this song based on lyrics ‘i got you’ and discovered this amazing choreography (and emotionally charged performance):

Zhi Liao (played by actress Wang LiKun) shows off her figure and dance moves in “Beijing Youth”

SOTW: “The Person You Love Isn’t Me” by Gu Feng

*Guys I have some posts I’ve prepared for a while, so be patient haha! Meanwhile listen to this handpicked song.


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Gu Feng, who’s that, you ask. Truthfully I had no idea until I fell in love with this song. What got to me was this:

就算我也知道你会怎么说 (Even though I know what you would say)

其实你爱的不是我 (In fact, you don’t love me)

其实你不想我难过 (In fact, you didn’t want to upset me)

Gu Feng is a Chinese singer – actually he’s pretty talented, apparently he composed the lyrics and melody of this song. The song itself was introduced to me as insert song in Wu Xie Ke Ji (the Unbeatable 3 series I’ve covered in my previous two posts!). Read More…