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Introduction to Chinese Hottest Microblog


Chinese microblog Sina WeiBo (mostly referred to as Weibo) has become massively popular among Mainland Chinese young adults. Since many social networking sites have been blocked by the government, you’d think that the Chinese would have more controlled entertainment. Well, since many popular existing social networks have been banned by the Chinese government, Weibo happened. In essence, Weibo is a dolled up, morphed version of Tw Read More…

Romance in the Rain: A Nostalgic Review

Set in the 1930s China, which we fondly dub the ‘Republican era’, this is a Qiong Yao classic love story. Romance in the Rain brought together famous Chinese and Taiwanese stars, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, and Alec Su.


From left: Du Fei, Ruping, Yiping, and Shuhuan

I watched this series many years ago, and I was feeling nostalgic, so I wanted to do an introduction to this Qiong Yao classic romance. Judging by the title, it appears to be a tearjerker right? Granted, you get an ample dose of that, but also of family and of love.  Everytime I revisit this series, I am thrown back to 1930s Shanghai, headlong into a tub of roses. Romance in the Rain is just that: beautiful, sentimental, and has its own set of spunk and quirks that engaged so many drama watchers in China back in 2001. Read More…

“Drama Go Go Go” First Impressions

lately I been too addicted to historical detective stories like Detective Di Renjie to follow up on this series, but since I already have this written, why not publish it anyways? Enjoy 😛 here’s my take on drama go go go


I was convinced from the teaser that JieJie Marching Forward (now renamed “Drama Go Go Go“) was bound to fall Read More…