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Lan Ling Wang – a pictures post

By now, maybe you have been intrigued at this refreshing take on typical Chinese period dramas called “Lan Ling Wang/兰陵王”. It stars talented actors Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng. After jotting down quick overall thoughts about the drama after I finished it, I wanted to retell the drama with images and captions.  Who is your all-time favorite character in Lan Ling Wang? And what is the most memorable quote?

1. our main girl is a descendant of the magical clan of “Nv Wa” and forget magical! she’s just a human girl with an unfortunate ancestry that claims stuff she can’t do


2. really, she’s just a everyday girl who has street smarts and helps people in need. She’s also an inventor! she’s taught people to make fire, filter out dirty water, and surprised the king with fireworks


3. well, and she falls in love with the only man her family (her grandmother) forbids – cause the whole story is based on one prophecy:  Read More…

Lan Ling Wang Episode 31-46 (END) Thoughts

This person said it best:

The first time I felt that in a drama, the second pair of leads (king gao wei and his queen) stellar performance almost overshadows that of the first pair of leads. Gosh, a really great ensemble of cast♥ (Rachael Wang @ Youtube)

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.34.53 PM

By the last third of Lan Ling Wang, everything just becomes so tragic. The events make it sad, but surprisingly this drama has successfully skirted around from misunderstandings (most of that is concentrated in the middle episodes 20-30). This is a horrible show because Read More…

Love’s Bandage 愛的創可貼: Episode 1


The wait process to watch a mainland Chinese series will make you want to break a chair. It’s been a year and then some…? Sometimes you just have to pretend the drama doesn’t exist until you chance upon its videos or Cfensi reminds you that the show is on air. For this, it all comes down to how the main leads deliver. Yedda and Bryant make an incredibly successful and unexpected pairing, I’ll say! Love’s Bandage (also known as Our Love) is a new Chinese romantic comedy set in bustling, fashionable Shanghai. A lot of us were waiting for the day Bryant Chang becomes leading man (I dub thee one of the most deserving actors). Though Love’s Bandage isn’t about to break any new territory as far as romance-comedy is concerned, its still pretty good lighthearted fare. It’s like Taiwanese drama with a Mainland Chinese flair.




Read More…

Links To Check Out — Week One: Umeboshi, Makeup, Drama Fashions, And Kpop

Hello everyone! This is going to be a new feature thingy on UnderratedGems where I recommend links to inspirational or cool websites (or videos) that I find each week. The sections will change according to each week’s discoveries, so make sure to check them out every week for surprises. And here’s to hoping you learn or discover some new things while you browse my links.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 1.46.28 PM

  1. Make Homemade Umeboshi 梅干: have you tried pickled vegetables 榨菜 or had preserved plums 话梅? Umeboshi are similar; tart in flavor, with a slight saltiness. In Japan, people will eat umeboshi on top of plain rice when they don’t have other dishes. It gives a kick of flavor and never fails to make my mouth water. I’ve seen umeboshi in Jdramas where the students will pack this into their lunchboxes. You can also find these pickled plums in snack form at Asian groceries. With this famous recipe on umeboshi, you can now make it at home!
  2. Kpop is Considered Childish Among Koreans?: Noticed how much of Korean pop music is present on Youtube or on popular forums? It. Is. Everywhere. (everywhere that is, when you have an asian community) Have you wondered that maybe all this hype about kpop is mostly centered around the international fans? This essay suggests that Kpop is actually not a focal culture of Korean people, but its main audience are pre-publescent girls. Whatever you make of it, ’twas an interesting read.
  3. Jenn Im’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial: Not every makeup tutorial out there will include commentary like “this liner is just whatever – it’s like the best whatever” and “my powder just locks everything in place and seals all my hardwork”. Quotable and funny, this girl knows just the things to brighten up a typical makeup video. Let’s not forget her eloquent choice of words. I bet men could even watch her vids without fast-forwarding to the end.
  4. Get This Look – Yoona’s <Love Rain> Fashion: I love fashion. I love dramas. What is there not to love about this? Well, I guess, the price tag.
  5. Recap of <Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo> Episode 3: I love the way SleeplessSpirits does the recaps. We are given lots and lots of yummy screencaps with some commentary and summarizing.

Have you read an interesting article lately? Share it with us in the comments below~ 

P.S. Help me come up with a title for this new feature! Something a little more creative than “Links to Check Out”. 

Romance in the Rain: A Nostalgic Review

Set in the 1930s China, which we fondly dub the ‘Republican era’, this is a Qiong Yao classic love story. Romance in the Rain brought together famous Chinese and Taiwanese stars, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Leo Ku, and Alec Su.


From left: Du Fei, Ruping, Yiping, and Shuhuan

I watched this series many years ago, and I was feeling nostalgic, so I wanted to do an introduction to this Qiong Yao classic romance. Judging by the title, it appears to be a tearjerker right? Granted, you get an ample dose of that, but also of family and of love.  Everytime I revisit this series, I am thrown back to 1930s Shanghai, headlong into a tub of roses. Romance in the Rain is just that: beautiful, sentimental, and has its own set of spunk and quirks that engaged so many drama watchers in China back in 2001. Read More…

“Nice Guy” First Impressions

Song Joong Ki is one handsome pretty boy. And I love my pretty boys who possess deep, manly voices. Besides that, I would like to commend Nice Guy for providing situations that unleash my Song Joong Ki’s awesome acting skills. Song’s co-star, Moon Chae Won honestly did not impress me much. I didn’t really feel as much of a connection for her character until after she lost her memories (that’s not much of a spoiler… you can expect that most serious kdramas will have this plot device in one way or another).

Kang Maru Read More…