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“Nice Guy” First Impressions

Song Joong Ki is one handsome pretty boy. And I love my pretty boys who possess deep, manly voices. Besides that, I would like to commend Nice Guy for providing situations that unleash my Song Joong Ki’s awesome acting skills. Song’s co-star, Moon Chae Won honestly did not impress me much. I didn’t really feel as much of a connection for her character until after she lost her memories (that’s not much of a spoiler… you can expect that most serious kdramas will have this plot device in one way or another).

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SOTW: “For You Not to Know” by Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls)


Found this song whilst on Youtube. Powerful sad song with a captivating deep voice from Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls.

Been busy changing up some bad habits and whatnot this week. Noteworthy ones: sleeping earlier and drinking more water. I still need to work out.

How do you like the new website layout? It has the clean slate feel that I prefer to write in my drama posts and music, so I love it.

New posts coming up!! This time you’re in for a treat, I made two: one is a full review of one of the best TV Dramas I’ve ever seen, and another is 5 recommendations for historical TV Dramas.

“Queen InHyun’s Man” First Impressions

As the time-travel love stories take over both China and Korea, I hear overwhelming praises about Queen InHyun’s Man starring Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. The story is about a scholar named Gim Bung Do who time travels 300 years ahead to present day Korea and meets aspiring actress Choe Hui Jin.

Although I hate the way the show insists on split screens (I’d rather focus on one character at a time), but the Gim-Choe couple is beyond adorable and if you skip to episode 3, the story really picks up. I’ve tried to sneak ahead to the famous kiss scenes because I’m impatient but Inhyun’s Man Read More…

Chinese Song Haul: Huang Ying, Chris Lee, and Amber Kuo

I have been in love with many songs for the past weeks, so I’m sharing these lovely tunes with you! There are simply too many great songs I’d like to share with you. 

Huang Ying – Forever Love


This girl has a unique voice – akin to strong vocals echoing from distant mountains – yes, Huang Ying’s singing is extremely beautiful in itself. Also this song is addictive. I’ve replayed it many times and I have yet to dislike it.

Li YuChun – Yi Huo Nian Hua


Those unfamiliar with Li YuChun will have her husky, gorgeous vocals stuck to your mind by the end of this song. I love the theme of this song: it’s not about love; it’s about not wasting your youth; it tells us that we should be wild when we can.

Amber Kuo – Forget Me Not


I could NOT get enough of how this song builds up to the chorus – paired with extremely decadent, artsy music video featuring a cycle of relationships and cooking food. All of that in one delicately wrapped parcel, you’d want to listen to this, no?

Asian Thriller Movies That You Should See

I don’t watch thrillers often. I’m more of a romantic-comedy type. So how did A Million Won (Korean movie) and Case Sensitive (Chinese movie) make me turn a blind eye to this genre of movies and enjoy the ride nevertheless?

“People are watching you, but they don’t care about you.”

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EXO-M Dual Debuts and Catches My Fancy


While I’m not usually one to obsess over boybands, I’m pretty psyched to see these boys debut. EXO is a Korean-Chinese fusion boy band.  As SM Entertainment’s new marketing strategy, EXO has broken into sub groups, Exo-M and Exo-K so these respective subgroups can debut in China and Korea at the same time. Exo-M is the Chinese group which I’m currently loving. What really got me sold was their latest interview with Youku – Lu Han, Tao, Kris, Lay, Xiu Min and Chen. I think it really helps to know each member more as a person to appreciate the band as a whole. You learn more that what their cool/cute exterior leads us to believe. Since this group just debuted after a year of hype, I guess it’s expected that all the members are still rather awkward and shy in their interviews with media and on stage – which is kinda adorable.


Who’s Who?

Lu Han – baby faced, a Beijing native. He’s actually very outgoing in real life despite his delicate/demure look, or so he claims. The other members like to tease his flower boy appearance and describe him as “pretty”, but he prefers “manly”.

Tao –  Wushu guy. Martial artist and rapper of the group. He has jet-black hair and is the 2nd tallest guy.

Kris – Tallest boy and leader in Exo-M. Has pouty lips. Dubbed “ice prince” because he’s a bit unapproachable looking.

Chen – Korean member. Sexy dancer in mv History.

Lay – He has a super long face with a doll-like perfect appearance. In interviews, he seems very shy but he’s also arguably the most musically talented member of Exo-M. Fun fact: Lay is used to fame because he was a local child celebrity before joining the training as SM member.

Xiu Min – Korean member. He is dubbed “Meat bun” of the group because of his round face :P. He has a lot of bromance with Lu Han and Chen.


My favorite songs from exo are as follows:

1) History – a catchy, dance song 2) Angels (Into Your World) – smooth ballad that I love 3) Baby Don’t Cry – the full song isn’t out yet, but this is so addictive (: I found the Korean-Chinese version on Youtube.

For more info, I found an amazing website that compiled Exo-M member’s profiles, so check it out to learn more about this boy band.