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Links To Check Out — Week One: Umeboshi, Makeup, Drama Fashions, And Kpop

Hello everyone! This is going to be a new feature thingy on UnderratedGems where I recommend links to inspirational or cool websites (or videos) that I find each week. The sections will change according to each week’s discoveries, so make sure to check them out every week for surprises. And here’s to hoping you learn or discover some new things while you browse my links.

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  1. Make Homemade Umeboshi 梅干: have you tried pickled vegetables 榨菜 or had preserved plums 话梅? Umeboshi are similar; tart in flavor, with a slight saltiness. In Japan, people will eat umeboshi on top of plain rice when they don’t have other dishes. It gives a kick of flavor and never fails to make my mouth water. I’ve seen umeboshi in Jdramas where the students will pack this into their lunchboxes. You can also find these pickled plums in snack form at Asian groceries. With this famous recipe on umeboshi, you can now make it at home!
  2. Kpop is Considered Childish Among Koreans?: Noticed how much of Korean pop music is present on Youtube or on popular forums? It. Is. Everywhere. (everywhere that is, when you have an asian community) Have you wondered that maybe all this hype about kpop is mostly centered around the international fans? This essay suggests that Kpop is actually not a focal culture of Korean people, but its main audience are pre-publescent girls. Whatever you make of it, ’twas an interesting read.
  3. Jenn Im’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial: Not every makeup tutorial out there will include commentary like “this liner is just whatever – it’s like the best whatever” and “my powder just locks everything in place and seals all my hardwork”. Quotable and funny, this girl knows just the things to brighten up a typical makeup video. Let’s not forget her eloquent choice of words. I bet men could even watch her vids without fast-forwarding to the end.
  4. Get This Look – Yoona’s <Love Rain> Fashion: I love fashion. I love dramas. What is there not to love about this? Well, I guess, the price tag.
  5. Recap of <Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo> Episode 3: I love the way SleeplessSpirits does the recaps. We are given lots and lots of yummy screencaps with some commentary and summarizing.

Have you read an interesting article lately? Share it with us in the comments below~ 

P.S. Help me come up with a title for this new feature! Something a little more creative than “Links to Check Out”. 

“Sprout” First Impressions

I only began watching this drama because I was reading MyDramaTea’s episode reviews and came upon this one, and it seems like something that would float my boat!

“Sprout” combines summery goodness and a simple love story between adolescents. What I noticed upfront was an ‘artsy’ feel in the execution of the scenes – you get a lot of closeups of our main characters and lots of music-video-like flashbacks. The story set up reminds me of It Started With a Kiss (guys this is a classic asian drama, if you didn’t know this….shame) wherein the heroine, who is in high school, out of a sudden twist of fate lives under the same roof with her crush, who is also the popular guy at school. Except in “Sprout”, Miku (played by Morikawa Aoi) gets to live with TWO popular hot guys in school. Read More…

Outfits, Food, and Hairstyle Tutorials!


Here’s a sneak peek:

+ double cone UPDO, inspired by “Chinese Paladin 3” (COMPLETED, click for the tutorial)

+ Sheer Top and Skirt summer outfits, inspired by Korean drama “Big” (COMPLETED!, click to see the outfits)

“Ghost Mama Sousasen” First Impressions

Yamaguchi Sensei is back! In ghost form

Can you say, immediate favorite! I was just browsing for anything new on Kaku Kento (currently obsessed with this boy) when I found out he was guest-starring in episode 1 of this drama. All I knew about Ghost Mama was that Nakama Yukie from Gokusen was playing a dead police officer mom. Judging from that gloomy-sounding synopsis I was not particularly anxious to see it. But I gave in for my Kaku-kun and I’m very glad I did! This show is probably the most interesting of the bunch of Jdramas airing this summer.

For starters, Ghost Mama is fantastically hilarious! + Shida Mirai is also in it! Which automatically bumps any drama up a few notches. This kid is my favorite child actress and such a scene stealer. Of course the backstory might leave you with gut-wrenching feel, but after the setup in the premier episode, the rest will likely be a lighthearted, heartfelt watch. As Tokyohive described about the story, “together with her son Tonbo, Ghost Mama is now out to to catch various atrocious criminals in order to settle those old cases. It’s a criminal and human drama in which the characters experience personal growth with each case, mixed with a certain amount of fantasy and comedic elements”. Read More…

Kaku Kento and Takei Emi – The Ultimate OTP of “Asuko’s March”

He is the frickin adorable second male lead from Asuko March (played by Kaku Kento)! I’m so looking forward to his new dramas. He definitely has to be main character some day soon. However I will probably skip his Clover drama because the story doesn’t interest me very much and I don’t know what is up with his hairdo.

I did watch Asuko March (all 8 episodes) but I’m too lazy to do a legitimate review on it, so here are some screencaps I took I thought were worth a share. **Picspam below

Read More…

“W no Higeki” First Impressions

“The 2 people with the same face, encountered…. to replace their life…. that is the beginning of the tragedy.” – W no Higeki

Holy cow, Takei Emi is doing a really good job as female lead! While I have many doubts any drama can be taken up by the shoulders of one main lead, Emi, this young up-and-coming Japanese actress is aptly immersing me into this revenge story. She takes on two characters, identical twins, who play up a switchero game. One is Mako, the daughter of a major business conglomerate. She has always lived in comfort, and as a result, she yearns to finally grasp life with her own hands. The other character is Satsuki, a show pub dancer who lives a solitary and destitute life in a corner of the city and who desires money and power. They meet through coincidence and decide to pretend to be each other (to attain their own goals).

Although this drama is on the darker, gloomier side, a lot of scenes are unexpectedly funny, which is so up my alley. Also, for romantic-junkies, there’s a treat for you in W no Higeki, which is rather rare in serious jdramas. Mind you, this romantic interest comes in the form of a Read More…