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Jdrama Snacks: Ningyo yaki from “DOCTORS”

Auntie Yu, thank you. Because of your awesome gift from Japan nearly a decade ago (wait has it been that long??), I have fond memories of Ningyo yaki. “Ningyo yaki” are small Japanese cakes, molded into different shapes. Depending on the occasion and location, cartoon characters, animals, trees – virtually any molds they have on hand.

In medical drama DOCTORS Saikyou no Meii, our protagonist applies for a job at general hospital. As a polite gesture, he takes out a box of ningyo yaki as a gift for the hospital director.


Made out of flour, egg, and sugar – these ‘souvenior’ sweets are filled with an assortment of fillings, ranging from chestnut to red-bean.

I was first introduced to these delicious treats thanks to a family friend who brought them back as a gift from Japan. At the time, we had no idea what they were even called. The ones I received were wrapped individually in a fancy box that looked like it was made to carry tea bags or something. The treats were so good! By the time I devoured everything, I was still hungry for more.



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