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Female Prime Minister (Fashion)

Female Prime Minister fashion
The gorgeous color combinations of Lu Zhen and Dan Niang’s outfits in Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇 (or as previously dubbed Female Prime Minister) are a sight to behold. My personal favorite was the cobalt blue and bright yellow outfit, which is my modern interpretation below:
Female Prime Minister
I came up with a feminine yet fierce outfit comprised of a yellow dress and cobalt blue motorcycle jacket. Legend of Lu Zhen is about the rise of Read More…

How to Get Kdrama “You’re Beautiful” Room Decor!

In 2009 hit drama, You’re Beautiful (aka Minami Shineyo), the ANJell boy band shares living quarters in their polished, modern, and colorful rooms. I’m pretty sure the fantastic room decor made at least half the reason I was hooked to this drama, besides seeing when Minam’s girl identity would get revealed and how the love triangle will develop. Keep reading to learn how to get this energetic, Korean boy band vibe to your own living spaces!

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