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Ariel Lin Yi Chen Reveals Her Tips On Beauty and Diet


Ariel Lin (Lin Yi Chen) shares with viewers her tips for good health and beauty

Ming Ren Sou Shen is a Taiwanese entertainment video series on the subject “what’s in my purse” for celebrities. Watch the video to find out what Ariel likes to tote around and for health advice. Even past the 30-year age mark, Ariel maintains her youthful skin and a set of pearly whites. Useful lifestyle tips that you are consider no matter your age!

BEAUTY TIP #1: Don’t brush your teeth after you eat

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60 Days of Juicing Diet Challenge (Documentary)

An overweight Australian man who tackles his weight and diseases in a 60 day diet of homemade juice (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead). Could just two months of drinking nothing but juice actually help the body cure itself from disease and get healthier? Before this, I had seen a video of JennaMarbles (funny Youtube personality) describe her daily meal and thought it was insane she could live on nuts, fruit, and salads… But after hearing that she actually felt more alert and mind clearer, I wanted to see this movie to see if this will be true for this guy as well.

Caution: I definitely feel like this kind of diet should apply to adults, not kids who are still growing because a fasting on fruits and vegetables could be detrimental to the child’s height and overall health. So kids, don’t do this just yet. Read More…

Lifetalk: I Wanted to be Taller!

I had this on my door at the height of my obsession. See what I did there?

If you’ve had to tilt your face to the sky and stretch your neck to talk to your tall friends, you might have felt a tinge of enviousness. After all, people have always associated height with authority, power and basically awesomeness. Media and magazines glorify the statuesque, runway models. Even department stores that sell too-long jeans mock you for your height. Where’s the equality here?

I was debating whether I should post this because it’s personal, but here’s a story of my frustration with height from when I was 12 to 16 years of age. Maybe it will help anyone who has wanted to be taller and struggled with their height.  Read More…

How to Get Milky, Flawless Skin Like an Asian Drama Actress

Jiang Mengjie, chinese actress from Hong Luo Meng

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to slather on makeup in the mornings before school or work? To not have to strip it away from your face at night when you could be enjoying an asian drama marathon? To be less critical and stressed over how you look? These sweet & simple tips will help you off to a step towards a more beautiful, healthy you.

Zheng Shuang, chinese actress from Meteor Shower

I have suffered from insomnia since little, eating fast food (i.e. McD’s and Domino’s), and did not get enough outdoors exercise. Those are the main reasons why I have been suffering from acne. So if you’re like me and trying to figure out some steps to take to a faster, flawless skin like your favorite celebrity… This is for you!

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