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Li Bing Bing’s Secrets to Youthful Face At 40: Face Masks, Ice Water, and Yoga


Born in 1973, Li Bing Bing, one of China’s most successful A-list actresses has turned 40 this Feburary. This is the age where women are freaking out about their skin and getting wrinkles. Despite the age, Bing Bing appears to defy the laws of nature by showcasing her gorgeous face with no signs aging at promotional and fashion events.

In a scene of American film “Snowflower and the Secret Fan”, actress Li Bing Bing had to become a highschool student along with 1981-born korean costar Jeon Ji Hyun. It is difficult to tell Li’s true age with her radiant, youthful face and beautiful smile that is comparable to Jeon.

Li Bing Bing divulges secrets to her bright and transparent skin: Read More…

“Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” is Part Wuxia, Part Eyecandy, Part Epicness


Why don’t you see Jet Li? Because Chen Kun’s evil enunch is too badass

Jet Li, Chen Kun, and Zhou Xun light up the screens in 2011 Chinese wuxia film, Flying Swords at Dragon Gate (龙门飞甲). Don’t let the long translated name put you off. Get this, the person who shone the most in this movie ain’t Jet Li. Granted, Li is the resident martial artist hero in most Hollywood and Hong Kong films other than Jackie Chan. However, co-star Chen Kun’s magnetic presence as the powerful enunch really brought it home for me. The cinematography was breathtaking; vividly portrays the majestic expansion of Read More…

Keira Knightley becomes a 19th Century Russian aristocrat in “Anna Kareina”

Skinnny cowwwwsies. I’m down for this the moment I saw the cast and trailer. Though I have just a hint of bad aftertaste from all those ‘artistic’ movies with striking cinematography but no storyline. Doesn’t matter.

So here’s my story: browsing Keira Knightley’s pictures in search for hairstyle inspirations, I find that she’s in this new movie that will release in theaters November 16th. But that’s not all, not only do I find this “19th century Russian romance” totally up my alley, Aaron Johnson is the romantic interest. And he plays a Count (gives off a regal, dracula vibe). Gorgeous actors all the way. Though I’m not fond of Johnson’s scruffy image, eh. Aaron makes it up with this soulful eyes. He gets to sport a hilariously fake moustache that curls upwards in this movie, Anna Karenina.

Set in late-19th-century Russia high-society, the aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count  Vronsky. [Imdb]

My only complaint is the movie doesn’t convince me at all of the Russian culture that it is supposed to, etc. In fact, since this movie is directed by an English director Joe Wright and played out by English actors Knightley, Johnson, and Law, viewers won’t be getting much of an authentic Russian story feel. As far as trailer shows, it’s quite a similar atmosphere and quality as Atonement, which is also directed by Wright.

She’s the Man | In Three Sentences

You want your socks in your mouth through the duration of this American comedy, just so you don’t die from random bursts of insane laughter. The chemistry of Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum is explosive, along with very funny side characters and good pacing to boot. She’s the Man never piles on the cheese (though they talk about it: “Um so do you like cheese? “Why yes I do! My favorite is Gouda.”) so those of you who aren’t into the romantic-comedy genre, this is probably one you should not miss out.

She’s the Man is a 2006 American romantic-comedy film starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, about a girl who pretends to be her twin brother and gets into an prep school to pursue her dream of playing soccer.

Caught in the Web | In Three Sentences

The story is begins from a incident gone viral, but the entire movie comes back to it again and again without adding anything insightful.

Big-name actresses and actors don’t equate to an interesting movie (Gao Yuan Yuan, Yao Chen, Wang Luo Dan, and Mark Chao).

Caught in the Web was as distant to the viewer as the stars, and as well-executed as a wheelchair without its wheels.

Caught in the Web, or 搜索 (literally translated ‘Search’) is a 2012 Chinese movie that explores the power of viral videos and it can distort a person’s actions in the public’s eyes in our modern society.  

60 Days of Juicing Diet Challenge (Documentary)

An overweight Australian man who tackles his weight and diseases in a 60 day diet of homemade juice (Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead). Could just two months of drinking nothing but juice actually help the body cure itself from disease and get healthier? Before this, I had seen a video of JennaMarbles (funny Youtube personality) describe her daily meal and thought it was insane she could live on nuts, fruit, and salads… But after hearing that she actually felt more alert and mind clearer, I wanted to see this movie to see if this will be true for this guy as well.

Caution: I definitely feel like this kind of diet should apply to adults, not kids who are still growing because a fasting on fruits and vegetables could be detrimental to the child’s height and overall health. So kids, don’t do this just yet. Read More…