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Love’s Bandage 愛的創可貼: Episode 1


The wait process to watch a mainland Chinese series will make you want to break a chair. It’s been a year and then some…? Sometimes you just have to pretend the drama doesn’t exist until you chance upon its videos or Cfensi reminds you that the show is on air. For this, it all comes down to how the main leads deliver. Yedda and Bryant make an incredibly successful and unexpected pairing, I’ll say! Love’s Bandage (also known as Our Love) is a new Chinese romantic comedy set in bustling, fashionable Shanghai. A lot of us were waiting for the day Bryant Chang becomes leading man (I dub thee one of the most deserving actors). Though Love’s Bandage isn’t about to break any new territory as far as romance-comedy is concerned, its still pretty good lighthearted fare. It’s like Taiwanese drama with a Mainland Chinese flair.




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Hwang Jin Yi (Fashion)

Modern Day Courtesan
“I hope that the life you will live won’t be too much to handle. And that you will be happy…” – Hwang Jini (Asian Drama Quotes)
This time around, I style Chosun-era famous courtesan Hwang Jini 황진이.
Hwang Jin Yi Facts:
  • based on a true story of a 16th century gisaeng, the love child of a nobleman and gisaeng, the plot tells her rise to success and her three loves (one of them was Jang Geun Suk!!)
  • popular Korean actresses Ha Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo both played the character
  • the program’s success inspired a boom in interest in kisaengs in South Korea
I remember the lovely soundtrack of the series, the exquisite cinematography, and the suspenseful cliffhangers. What catches your eyes the most (and obviously) is the aesthetics; the luxurious fabrics, bold lipcolor, dramatic skirts, and floral patterns of the gisaeng. Though Jini’s fancy attire may be more suitable for ancient times (or today’s gisaeng = modern day courtesans), you can also rock her dramatic style, modified and wearable. To me, the bralette and the skirt pairing makes for a sultry look that is still classy.
If the weather gets chilly, simply slip on a red or white cardigan over the floral bralette. I think this outfit will be a great night-out-with-the-girls look. What do you think?
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Hello Gorgeous’ Incredible OST And Other Updates


I’m currently watching Hello Gorgeous (华丽一族) and Our Love (爱的创可贴 which actually means Love’s Bandage). Both TV series fall squarely into idol drama territory, which means a predictable storyline, incredibly attractive people, or (usually) both. I’m finding that I am fastforwarding a lot of Hello Gorgeous and a little less with Love’s Bandage so I’m considering recapping the latter to share the light fun tone of this series with everyone 🙂

Even with its filler scenes and 2-dimensional characters (though female lead Li Xin Ru is doing a pretty good job), Hello Gorgeous has managed to sustain my interest with its breathtaking soundtrack; its perfectly placed instrumentals, theme song and insert songs distracts you from noticing many of the flaws in the story. Check them out below!

The first one is my favorite, sung by female lead Li Xin Ru and played in emotional/sentimental scenes:

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Li Bing Bing’s Secrets to Youthful Face At 40: Face Masks, Ice Water, and Yoga


Born in 1973, Li Bing Bing, one of China’s most successful A-list actresses has turned 40 this Feburary. This is the age where women are freaking out about their skin and getting wrinkles. Despite the age, Bing Bing appears to defy the laws of nature by showcasing her gorgeous face with no signs aging at promotional and fashion events.

In a scene of American film “Snowflower and the Secret Fan”, actress Li Bing Bing had to become a highschool student along with 1981-born korean costar Jeon Ji Hyun. It is difficult to tell Li’s true age with her radiant, youthful face and beautiful smile that is comparable to Jeon.

Li Bing Bing divulges secrets to her bright and transparent skin: Read More…

Can Yang Mi and Ke Zhen Dong sizzle onscreen for “Tiny Times”?

EB75BF032B0278D00BB988E303C06565Yang Mi has the looks and some acting talent, but I hope she’s ready for lots of bashing if the rabid fans of Tiny Times don’t see her convincing enough to be university grad, Lin Xiao, our heroine. More importantly, the fans of the popular book will probably be scrutinizing the chemistry between the leading female and male, which for now, seems to be down to zero. They are both gorgeous people by themselves, no doubt. And Yang Mi is only about 5 years older than her male co-star, Ke Zhen Dong (which to compare, is offsetted by the drama adaption where Ivy is younger than Peter by 7 years) Despite the small gap in age, as a longtime member of China’s entertainment circle, Yang appears to be many years mature for a 26 year old, whereas Ke looks like some high school kid caught fresh off the streets to be Yang Mi’s love interest. Ke Zhen Dong was instantly boosted to celebrity-status when he starred in last year’s hit movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, so maybe it is natural that Ke still appears reserved in front of press. However, in the recently-held press conference with the cast crew, Ke Zhen Dong reminded me more of a lost puppy than Yang Mi’s love interest, which might say something about their chemistry so far (or lack of):


just seeing Ke Zhen Dong’s expression cracks me up

Don’t get me wrong. When I found out about the movie version of Tiny Times, I was more than elated. Read More…

Jia Nailiang and Bai Baihe as post-80’s couple in “Rules Before A Divorce”

Jia and Bai give stellar acting to make each of their seperate characters memorable and engaging, but these two actors always seem to pick works with terrible plots and bland direction (I hope this will be different!)

Currently airing in China, this city/romance/slice of life series harbor a potentially excellent ensemble; Bai Bai He, Jia Nai Liang, Li Xiao Meng, Zheng Kai, Gao Lu, and Shi An. Ever feel like there are couples that will never materialize in real-life but you ship them nevertheless? Well I am. Jia Nai Liang and Bai Bai He lead a new Chinese TV series called Rules Before A Divorce. The trailer gives off a good impression – a touch of comedy, and covers all the bases of romance. The same director of Puberty meets Read More…