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Li Bing Bing’s Secrets to Youthful Face At 40: Face Masks, Ice Water, and Yoga


Born in 1973, Li Bing Bing, one of China’s most successful A-list actresses has turned 40 this Feburary. This is the age where women are freaking out about their skin and getting wrinkles. Despite the age, Bing Bing appears to defy the laws of nature by showcasing her gorgeous face with no signs aging at promotional and fashion events.

In a scene of American film “Snowflower and the Secret Fan”, actress Li Bing Bing had to become a highschool student along with 1981-born korean costar Jeon Ji Hyun. It is difficult to tell Li’s true age with her radiant, youthful face and beautiful smile that is comparable to Jeon.

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Chinese Romance Movies to Watch for in 2013

Before I say anything, I want to apologize for the lack of updates. It has been difficult getting back into the swing of blogging after winter break and final exams. I shall try and try and try some more. Thank you to all the readers who has checked back for new posts for the last two months. three movies

To: All romance lovers, c-novel readers, and fans of Eddie Peng/Yang Mi/Han Geng/Zhao Wei/Ke Zhen Dong (and the list goes on), you are in for a treat this spring. Without doubt, two high profile novel-to-film adaptations Tiny Times and So Young are making their marks in the box office. Adding to the fun is A Wedding Invitation starring Bai Baihe (Love Is Not Blind) and Eddie Peng (Hear Me), will be released early this April. For for more information on these films and my commentary

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SOTW: Wei Chen’s “Chen Ai”

魏晨 – [尘埃]
To listen and watch: http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/553358

Wei Chen’s new single [V SPACE] just released a new song titled “Dust” a few weeks ago. It’s been consistently ranked in the top 10 of popular Chinese music website, YinYueTai. In 2009, Weichen met with Mainland Chinese viewers in Let’s Watch Meteor Shower as f4 member, Akira. All I remembered was his sweet baozi face paired with a deep, masculine voice. Barely 4 years later, Wei Chen is now China’s hottest idol singer. currently, Weichen is under a korean music management, hence, his mvs are reminiscent of kpop dance music videos.

I just love the beat and the lyrics in Chen Ai/Dust.Wei Chen’s amazing vocals are utilized well, compared to the other songs his korean management label produced with him. It’s very romantic-ballad-meets-kpop-dance. I think the repetition device used within this song really works for, not against it, and really makes this song fantastic.

Introducing the Characters of Guo Jingming’s Tiny Times movie adaptation


Despite what I said earlier about my hesitation for the chemistry of Yang Mi and Ke Zhen Dong in upcoming Chinese movie Tiny Times 1.0 (小时代), I am more than excited now that the entire cast is revealed, and the fact that first press for Guo Jing Ming’s movie was misleading after all, no Yang Mi and Ke don’t play lovers. This ensemble cast is the most beautiful I’ve laid eyes on in Chinese entertainment thus far. That’s saying a lot. You just need to know that it’s a lot of pretty. Below the cut are character stills (yay! we finally figure out who our main leads are for Tiny Times!). Oh my. Feng Xiao Yue is my new obsession thanks to this movie.Those sexy half-Asian chiseled model types who have the ability for explosive chemistry with a rock aren’t exactly bad for our eyeballs. .


Feng Xiao Yue (aka Rhydian Vaughan) looking dapper next to Yang Mi


The girls having fun posing next to famed author, Guo Jing Ming

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Cultural BUTONG #4: Chinese Superstitious Sayings That You Didn’t Know

Rupert Grint in Harry Potter as Ron Weasley (13)-717059

They’re not true…. are they?

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“Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” is Part Wuxia, Part Eyecandy, Part Epicness


Why don’t you see Jet Li? Because Chen Kun’s evil enunch is too badass

Jet Li, Chen Kun, and Zhou Xun light up the screens in 2011 Chinese wuxia film, Flying Swords at Dragon Gate (龙门飞甲). Don’t let the long translated name put you off. Get this, the person who shone the most in this movie ain’t Jet Li. Granted, Li is the resident martial artist hero in most Hollywood and Hong Kong films other than Jackie Chan. However, co-star Chen Kun’s magnetic presence as the powerful enunch really brought it home for me. The cinematography was breathtaking; vividly portrays the majestic expansion of Read More…