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Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye attend the annual Anhui TV Drama Awards

Perhaps you were scrolling through your Weibo (the most popular Chinese microblog for those who don’t know) feed last night…. and you may have discovered that Kim Woo Bin decided to FINALLY UPDATE his status* after months of inactivity. He wrote it in Korean, therefore nobody could understand it without a quick visit to Google Translator, but that didn’t stop the thousands of comments from flowing in, in response to the surprise update. Turns out, his costar Park Shin Hye and himself were in China, at an awards show, representing The Heirs! Why does it make me so excited that it was Kim Woo Bin instead of Lee Min Ho? And it’s Kim Woo Bin’s first time in China! Haha I feel like two worlds are colliding or something… My chinese and korean fandoms that is. In fact, they were the big guests of the night at the annual year-ends Anhui Drama Festival (watched it last year and the year before)! Award show…. meaning lots of adorable, shippy pictures, and gorgeous eye candy all around. Pictures below! Before I forget here’s other people who attended this awards ceremony: Tang Yan, Qi Wei, Luo Jin, Ying’er, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Liu Tao, Bao Jian Feng, Li Yi Feng, Jimmy Lin, Joe Chen, Nicky Wu, Yan Kuan and his wife.


*Kim Woo Bin’s account on Weibo

Keep in mind the official pictures and the program are not released yet, so these stills will have to do for now :3

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Love’s Bandage 愛的創可貼: Episode 1


The wait process to watch a mainland Chinese series will make you want to break a chair. It’s been a year and then some…? Sometimes you just have to pretend the drama doesn’t exist until you chance upon its videos or Cfensi reminds you that the show is on air. For this, it all comes down to how the main leads deliver. Yedda and Bryant make an incredibly successful and unexpected pairing, I’ll say! Love’s Bandage (also known as Our Love) is a new Chinese romantic comedy set in bustling, fashionable Shanghai. A lot of us were waiting for the day Bryant Chang becomes leading man (I dub thee one of the most deserving actors). Though Love’s Bandage isn’t about to break any new territory as far as romance-comedy is concerned, its still pretty good lighthearted fare. It’s like Taiwanese drama with a Mainland Chinese flair.




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Akama Miki and Zhang Muyi’s Heartfelt Chinese Cover of “Pretty Boy”

TheYoungTurks recently did a report involving a 24 year old Chinese singer and a 12 year old known model which caught my attention. They are known as Zhang Muyi and Akama Miki (a Japanese-Chinese singer and child model) and have raked up a lot of controversy and support in China over their personal life. Whether or not it is publicity is up for grabs. (If it were, they’re pretty good because this is how I found out their songs) But hey, they did do an amazing rendition of Pretty Boy, so let’s just enjoy the songs in the meanwhile. I have to admit they harmonize very well and Miki’s voice is beautiful. “Pretty Boy” is an English song released in 2002 by Norweign girlband M2M, which was made popular in Asia when M2M revealed a Mandarin Chinese version.

Another great song from the duo (who call themselves ‘Mi2’ after their own names)

I found Mi2’s debut song hilarious… can you count the number of times they said ‘chong’?

Introduction to Chinese Hottest Microblog


Chinese microblog Sina WeiBo (mostly referred to as Weibo) has become massively popular among Mainland Chinese young adults. Since many social networking sites have been blocked by the government, you’d think that the Chinese would have more controlled entertainment. Well, since many popular existing social networks have been banned by the Chinese government, Weibo happened. In essence, Weibo is a dolled up, morphed version of Tw Read More…

CULTURAL BUTONG #3: Chinese People Don’t Do Pinyin (No Alphabet)!


When I introduce Chinese or Taiwanese dramas, I use pinyin (romanicized) because I want to make the content avaliable to readers who cannot read Chinese characters. I’m talking about Chinese movie/television titles and actor’s names, but this applies to Chinese sayings and slang. “Translating” these characters into pinyin format makes them lose a part of their original meaning, no matter how well you can translate them. Here’s why pinyin is not what most Chinese people prefer to use. Read More…

CULTURAL BUTONG #2: KFC’s Soaring Popularity in China

Baidu Images

If Americans can all agree on one thing, it’s that Mcdonalds is the number one popular fast food joint in our country. It’s like our go-to because it is literally everywhere. What is there not to love? The food is dirt cheap, and you can grab it whenever you need it. The best part Read More…