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Airplane Essentials for Winter Trips


When traveling, less is more. If you can’t tell already, not only do I love discussing TV dramas, I love my packing. Hey, I even included a checklist for you last minute packers! Take a look at my fashion guide for long flights to get tips on what to wear for the airport, and what you should remember to bring on carry-on. This winter, I’m going to China. From the States, depending on where you live, expect to be on the plane for about 10 to 15 hours if you are making a trip to Asia. Keep updated with all the fun stuff I will be sharing via my Weibo (@Bumbleberri). Remember that this is for winter, so continue to check for updates from the weather channel of your destination. Here is my must-haves in my packing list, plus international travel tips. Read More…

Ariel Lin Yi Chen Reveals Her Tips On Beauty and Diet


Ariel Lin (Lin Yi Chen) shares with viewers her tips for good health and beauty

Ming Ren Sou Shen is a Taiwanese entertainment video series on the subject “what’s in my purse” for celebrities. Watch the video to find out what Ariel likes to tote around and for health advice. Even past the 30-year age mark, Ariel maintains her youthful skin and a set of pearly whites. Useful lifestyle tips that you are consider no matter your age!

BEAUTY TIP #1: Don’t brush your teeth after you eat

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