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Li Bing Bing’s Secrets to Youthful Face At 40: Face Masks, Ice Water, and Yoga


Born in 1973, Li Bing Bing, one of China’s most successful A-list actresses has turned 40 this Feburary. This is the age where women are freaking out about their skin and getting wrinkles. Despite the age, Bing Bing appears to defy the laws of nature by showcasing her gorgeous face with no signs aging at promotional and fashion events.

In a scene of American film “Snowflower and the Secret Fan”, actress Li Bing Bing had to become a highschool student along with 1981-born korean costar Jeon Ji Hyun. It is difficult to tell Li’s true age with her radiant, youthful face and beautiful smile that is comparable to Jeon.

Li Bing Bing divulges secrets to her bright and transparent skin: Read More…

Ariel Lin Yi Chen Reveals Her Tips On Beauty and Diet


Ariel Lin (Lin Yi Chen) shares with viewers her tips for good health and beauty

Ming Ren Sou Shen is a Taiwanese entertainment video series on the subject “what’s in my purse” for celebrities. Watch the video to find out what Ariel likes to tote around and for health advice. Even past the 30-year age mark, Ariel maintains her youthful skin and a set of pearly whites. Useful lifestyle tips that you are consider no matter your age!

BEAUTY TIP #1: Don’t brush your teeth after you eat

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Hair Tutorials from Asian TV Series {Set 1}

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Click on an image to take you to the tutorial

Double Cone Updo from Fantasy Dramas | Inspired by: Long Kui from “Chinese Paladin 3”

Tucked-In French Braid | Inspired by: Cheng Xin from “Fashionable Female Editor”

Four Dango Fairylike Hairstyle | Inspired by: Ling’er from “Chinese Paladin”

Wuxia Hair | Inspired by: Huang Rong from “Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008”

Anime Hairstyle | Inspired by: Qi Yue from “Devil Beside You”

If there’s a hairstyle you’d like me to do a tutorial on, let me know in the comments below!

I look forward to any tutorial requests. xoxo

Outfits, Food, and Hairstyle Tutorials!


Here’s a sneak peek:

+ double cone UPDO, inspired by “Chinese Paladin 3” (COMPLETED, click for the tutorial)

+ Sheer Top and Skirt summer outfits, inspired by Korean drama “Big” (COMPLETED!, click to see the outfits)

Braided Half Updo with Oomph

The other day, I was looking at how many of each category I’ve done and I realised I had a hair tutorial I didn’t post 😀 This will spice up typical braided looks and it works best on 2nd day hair because it will hold hair a bit better.

Here’s how to get the braided half-updo look:

Start with french braiding your hair from your bangs (loosely) until you reach the tip of your ears.

Lightly tilt your braid towards the back so we can wrap it around to the left side of the head.

Merge your RIGHT braid to a new braid that you’d start the same way from your LEFT side.

Pin your braids at the beginning of the merge to secure the braids.

Use a rattail comb end to give lift and volume to your crown.

This hairdo looks elegant and exudes prim and proper, and it is perfect for going out with your buds or to a date.

GL with the hairdo and have fun!!

2 Minute Hair Updo for Lazy Days

For many more hair tutorials, find them at my beauty-dedicated blog, UG Beauty!

This simple, messy side bun takes less than 2 minutes and requires no hairties. It’s a perfect updo for lazy mornings and a quick (but put-together look) for school.

Having tried all sorts of hairstyles, I love that this is the best updo for natural hair textures and flatters any face shape.

2 minute school updo

If you are in the process of growing out your bangs, this hairstyle is also perfect for you. Note that (4) I pinned my bangs upwards at the side near the bun and (5) pinned my bangs behind the ears on the other side to avoid a totally symmetrical look.

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