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Ariel Lin Yi Chen Reveals Her Tips On Beauty and Diet


Ariel Lin (Lin Yi Chen) shares with viewers her tips for good health and beauty

Ming Ren Sou Shen is a Taiwanese entertainment video series on the subject “what’s in my purse” for celebrities. Watch the video to find out what Ariel likes to tote around and for health advice. Even past the 30-year age mark, Ariel maintains her youthful skin and a set of pearly whites. Useful lifestyle tips that you are consider no matter your age!

BEAUTY TIP #1: Don’t brush your teeth after you eat

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Taiwanese Dramas to Watch On Gloomy Days

Are you sad? Or mad? Be glad… with TWdramas!

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Having my share of Taiwanese idol dramas since ISWAK’s inception into my life in one fine day of ’06, I can only conclude this. TWdrama viewers must either all be fangirls and solely watching for their eye candy (read: hot TV male leads) or they are just very, very lenient on what they watch. If you have seen a TWdrama lately, there’s three things you’ll notice: predictable, two-dimensional side characters, and lots of slapstick humor. Despite all that, I will say that my caveat is lighthearted romantic-comedy. I am especially fond of grabbing a bowl of my favorite snacks to munch and marathoning a TWdrama (not any drama, but specifically a TWdrama) when I need an extra boost of over-caffeinated-romance-and-humor. Ever since I did my top mainland Chinese dramasto watch blog recs, I wanted to make ones to help other asian drama viewers figure out what to watch next. Here are my picks for top Taiwanese dramas to watch. Like I explained in my Intro to Asian Dramas, the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese have vastly differing entertainment industries, hence the distinction.

Also, if you’re new at this… game, I do advise a little precaution when choosing a drama to watch. Well, okay, same goes for any American TV series, but asian dramas are extra addictive and awesome. You have been warned. Don’t go pick just any drama because do expect to invest a couple hours for enjoyment – it would NOT be a good idea to pick a terrible one and realised you wasted 15 hours (that is, if you do marathon).


Why HANA KIMI TW is my Pork Bun drama: Like a well-made, nostalgia-inducing treat like the bbq pork bun – Hana Kimi TW is a show you’ll want to watch and rewatch. Let me tell you why. It’s doesn’t try too hard. No more, no less. It doesn’t try to be exactly like its manga predecessor even though the story is based on it. It’s endearing and heart-warming. A story about friendship and love and the sillyness in between, trying to figure out who you like. Big on comedy and on friendship, but there’s very cute romance scenes too. The best way to enjoy a drama, personally, is to go watch the show without any expectations except the general story. So when you’re down or when it’s a dreary day outside and you can’t go out – this is my GO-TO drama.


Why DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU is my Donut drama: It’s not the wedding ring, I can tell you that. I never even finished a Rainie Yang drama (not even Devil Beside You, that ol classic). I didn’t even know who Joseph Chang was. But soon enough, I fell head over….you guessed it…heels for this drama. Why? I asked myself too. The story wasn’t even original. Girl gets dumped by boyfriend, she signs a fake love contract with a handsome stranger. But, oh! The stellar acting chops, clever dialogue, and lots of real romance – it was exactly what I wanted. Not to mention Joseph was a very refreshing, not idol-like kind of male lead. I’ve always like the original glazed donuts. Once I have one, I can’t stop, even when it has way too much sugar – just like the drama, it has its downfalls and loopholes, but this is still an excellent pick in the sea of TWdrama ‘love contract’ tales.


Why ISWAK is my Pumpkin Pie drama: When I was young, I never gave this pie a 2nd chance at school every Thanksgiving. My first impression of it was super bad. Only until much later, did I come to appreciate it the subtle but feisty taste. Now I love it. It Started With a Kiss (ISWAK for short) was my first Taiwanese drama. I did not enjoy it because the story seemed so ordinary and subtly sweet. I wanted dramatic love stories. However as more people raved about it, I sort of caved in and tried it once more. I began to see Xiang Qin’s (the sweet heroine, played by talented Ariel Lin) tender love for Zhi Shu in every scene. Even the seemingly muted (mundane) scenes filled with emotion and joy. It’s a very uplifting drama, and if you liked the general outline of the story, you’ll love watching this. This is definitely at a better time for TWdrama than nowadays when all the dramas seem too alike and childish (like the dramas that have abused the comic effect sounds and guffaws).