Recommended Movies

Unlike our favorite Asian tv series on which stories will span over 10+ 45 minute long sessions, movies are vignettes that capture a specific story. Usually, in its 100 minute time frame, our most loved movies will try to captivate and endear to the point where we will want to pick up this to treat ourselves from time to time. The following movies have accomplished this task effortlessly and that’s why I want to share these with you! I never get tired of rewatching these wonderfully made films.

1) She’s The Man (Romantic Comedy)

2) Legally Blonde (Romantic Comedy)

3) While You were Sleeping (Romantic Comedy)

4) Home Alone (Comedy)

5) Innocent Steps (Romance)

6) A Little Princess (Growing Up Story)

7) Finding Nemo (Comedy)

8) Some Like It Hot (Romantic Comedy)

9) Those Years, That Girl We Used to Chase (High School, Romance)

10) Hear Me (Romance)

11) Super Size Me (Documentary)

12) Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (Documentary)

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