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Sibling Tags on Youtube: There’s the Awesome and Sassy in Every Bite…of Lucky Charms

If you have grown up with siblings, you would know the battle for the TV remote and the tattle-telling. Having siblings can be the best or worst experience, and it depends mainly on how YOU interpret it. P.s. older brothers and sisters, please set a good role model for your brother or sister! CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Please try to treat them well when they are younger (again, when they are still young)… You don’t know how important your influence may be to them.

So I’ve seen my share of Youtube tags: what’s in my bag, boyfriend does my makeup, and of course the awesome brother-sister tag, which this blog post will focus on. One set is the DREAM TEAM, the next is the “CRUEL” SIBLINGS, and the third SO SQUISHHY IMMA DIE (SERIOUSLY). Alright, let’s dive into this:


Use one word to describe your sibling. – Angel

For you, it’d be gentle and patient. One of the two. – Eugene

Mmm. My brother, one word, I would have to say, faithful. – Angel


Believe me, we ALL wish he was our brother. Who’s brother is that chill?? And he freaking looks better than a kpop star, sans guyliner! And we wish Angel was our older sister. She would “have [your] back because that’s what sisters are for”.

….which make them on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the sibling spectrum than

2. xxnaivivxx – HIT WITH SASS

“i dont think i have a good memory with you” – Vivian


Okay, so Stephanie and Viv are pretty chill on their own channels, but it feels like torture just getting through the tag… for us and for them! I swear the Zhu sisters are cat fighting on-screen every chance they get (to be fair, it’s mostly Viv, the older sibling). But after cringing through the 21 minute long vid….

3. zoella280328 – the Zhu sisters made Joe and Zoe Sugg look like saints with their rather normal sibling banter


They’re just your normal siblings. By the way, Zoella is probably one of the most well-known youtubers from the UK, well, besides Bubzbeauty. And because they’re from the magical island called England, they have a sweet British accent which is enough reason to watch their video already. That, and lately I have been finding the brother particularly delicious attractive. Not only that, he has this crazy funny sense of humor but is a sweetie at the same time. I’d vote him for DREAM BROTHER numero dos, except until I realized this guy was lamenting about being SINGLE on his instagram a while ago. (double wink) His name is ThatcherJoe on youtube if you’d like to check him out too. (OF COURSE YOU DO!)

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what your favorite siblings are, either from the videos you saw above, or a video you enjoyed watching on youtube~

P.s. which relationship do you have with your brother or sister? The dream team, the ‘cruel’ siblings, or the JOE THATCHER sibling (in which case, please give to me!!!)

Lan Ling Wang (Ariel Lin and FSF) Episode 1-15 Thoughts


I sense another drama-crack in the works

I love this series! There’s heartwrenching moments like Xue Wu and her granny, but more so, surprisingly hilarious ones. Ariel Lin brings out the multidimensional parts of her character; Xue Wu is clever, sweet to kids, compassionate, clumsy, and all round lovable. 7 reasons to see this show:

1. characters are refreshing and I love Ariel’s engaging portrayal of Xue Wu 


2. even though Feng Shao Feng isn’t my ideal ‘China’s most beautiful general’, he’s good at expressing emotions via his eyes, which his other contenders can work on

AA04303228_short_1308010400395_20080104081123201207051202521766 2012042542812985

3. clocking in at about 40 minutes per episode,  and it keeps you on your toes: ugh. what happens neeeextttttt?!


4. there’s a TON of funny and endearing moments, details of the story and the funny antics between Ariel and FSF that sells this show


5. even the enemy generals and emperors are adorable, well, after they are menacing. My favorite supporting characters (antagonists): Yu Wen Sidekick, Yu Wen Hu, Qi crown prince, Zhou general…. the list goes on. 


I love this guy! he’s loyal to the king and a hottie

6. Zhou emperor (played by Daniel Chan) is a total sweetie when he’s with Xue Wu and his daughter 

forgive me, I couldn't find a good pic of him in costume :P

forgive me, I couldn’t find a good pic of him in costume 😛

7. The gorgeous cinematography and pacing! One rare period drama that does not get boring or draggy (yet). 


For me, I thought King of Lan Ling did start off a bit typical and eventless, but the first 2 episodes did set up the series pretty well. I remember skipping over all the Zhou palace scenes but somehow all the characters (plus the side characters) eventually became very interesting and I haven’t skipped an episode since!

A prophecy foretold that victory goes to the one who has the priestess’ blessing. Yang Xue Wu, the last priestess of her clan, unwittingly embroiled in a war between Northern Qi and Northern Zhou. Although she foresees the tragic fate of Lan Ling Wang, the general of Northern Qi, she nonetheless falls in love with him and helps him win the war against Yuwen Yong, the king of Northern Zhou. But can destiny be altered?

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3

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These Cartoon iPhone Cases Are Every Phone-Lover’s Fantasy


From wood-material One Piece covers to satirical comics, here’s 9 seriously hard-to-resist graphic designs and textures you have to check out. There’s our favorite moostache. There’s a KFC pancake with emoticons. Maybe that is iPhone’s true appeal…. a never-ending wonderland of beautiful outfits to accessorize your phone with! Of course, we have to give props to businesses who are making a good sum from this phone accessories market. Links to the merch are at the end of the post. Have fun browsing through:

“Shit! Got More Handsome” Comic iPhone Case


This one says: Shit! I just got more handsome.

Read More…

Beginning of the End of Super Boys Broadcast: Who Will Make Top 5? Commentary chart….


While anticipating Friday’s battle, some thoughts….

Alien brother Hua Chenyu is finally, finally performing a Chinese song for us! Can’t wait. I know everyone loves his shaking and slightly creepy gestures on stage whilst screaming “SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW”…. but a Chinese song will show the full range of his abilities, since the judges will actually understand it enough to accurately judge, you know. I saw a nice preview of it on Sing if You Want (Xiang Chang Jiu Chang; basically a video recap of the exciting things that happen to the competitors)

Does Zhang Yang Yang remind anyone else a bit of Taecyeon? He does for me. Both have thick eyebrows, that bowl-shaped hairstyle ( Taec did in Cinderella’s Sister), can make puppy eyes, and the same lanky awkwardness.


Bumbleberri Predicts the Top 5:

1. Bai Ju Gang

2. Hua Chenyu

3. Zhang Yang Yang

4. Yu Tian

5. Ou Hao/Ning Huanyu

(omg what if – two of them have to PK? Please let’s not do PKs at this stage of the game.)

Actually on Friday, from my understanding, only five out of the ten are competing and then NEXT friday, the next five will compete. If that is the case, we shall only see a bit of bloodshed here. They have already picked the order of who’s going (in order): Ou Hao, Zhang Yang Yang, Rao Wei, Jia Sheng Qiang, Yu Meng Long, Zuo Li, Bai Ju Gang, Yu Tian, Hua Chenyu, Ning Huanyu.

Hunan’s official website dedicated a section to predicting who will become the next Super Boy Champion. That’s right, folks, we’re talking about predicting who will be number one. Well, here’s my take on it: Interactive chart ^-^ Who do you want to be number 1? Go vote for your favorite! It’s fun, I promise. And you will see who the Chinese netizens voted for. And you’ll probably be shocked at the number of votes Yu Menglong received. Did some people honestly think he will lead the pack?

who's gonna be NUMBER 1? Guesses.

FUN CHART *Purely speculation

Best and Worst TV Series Set in China’s Republican Era (mid-1900s)

You are Chinese drama fan and would like to see some good Republican era type dramas – either you like flashy Shanghai nightclubs or guys wearing vests in a gun fight, or both. Jokes aside, here are some across-the-spectrum stories set in this turbulent period of Chinese history.

Definitely Would Watch

1. Romance in the Rain: if you want a classy, epic love story between good looking people. It should be on your bucket list to see at least one of Qiong Yao’s famous novels come to life.

2. The Five Secret Agents (Wu Hao Te Gong Zu/五号特工组): This is as close to a Chinese spy-action 007 as we’re gonna get. I doubt a lot of people have heard of this one, because I think it is unsubbed as far as I know, but you can find it on youku. Suspenseful and gripping episodes, with some witty and cheeky humor thrown in for good measure. One word: badass.

3. Love At First Fight (Wu Shi Lang/武十郎) This was how I fell in love with George Hu and found Wallace Huo’s hilarious side. This should be your go-to Republican period romantic-comedy. I also liked that there’s a lot of cool martial arts in this series. When Wu Shi Lang (the female protagonist) tries to date Sheng Da and Ya Shou simultaneously, the plan fails hilariously. The ending was pretty funny too and it was romantic at the same time.

Wouldn’t Watch Even If You Paid Me

1. Bounty Hunter: I’ll say it, the only reason I watched this one was because Chen Xiao was in it. On an aesthetic level, the costumes made the entire cast gain 10 pounds and our protagonist wears a Western cowboy hat…. And the entire story was about a series of gory crimes that make no sense. Oh, and before I forget, our male lead doesn’t act in the show. If you really have nothing else to do, I mean….


I hope 10 years later, viewers will completely forget me in a cowboy hat and this series

2. Hidden Intentions: Costumes and hairstyling was similar to the mediocrity that plagued Bounty Hunter, but at least this entertained in a ridiculously overdramatic manner. The screenwriter extended the 66 77 love story for many episodes too long – I mean it was really sweet, but Luo Jin and Jiang Mengjue‘s sparkling chemisty can only do so much. The only highlight was the unexpected appearance of a cameo at the end (hint: he’s super super eye candy).

where's the light at the end of the tunnel? Oh, my bad, there isn't one... BUT MY LOVE!

where’s the light at the end of the tunnel? Oh, my bad, there isn’t one… BUT MY LOVE!

3. Yong Chun: I literally watched it because of Nic Tse. Never found the kiss scene that they showed in one of their promotional pictures…

I wanted to know what happens between them!!

I wanted to know what happens between them!!

Borderline “So-So” Dramas That Are Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes you finish a drama, and after realizing it is crap, you end up coming back to rewatch some parts where you REALLY liked the couple, or REALLY enjoyed some key scenes. They are your ‘guilty pleasures’.

1. New Shanghai Bund: Huang Xiaoming is impossible perfect as a gangsta boss. From his vest to his expert gun shooting poses, one simply cannot finish the series without mentioning just how utterly beautiful this man is. His love story with Sun Li’s Ms. Feng is tempered by her bad guy father among other happenings in Shanghai’s underworld community.


2. A Step-mother’s Heart in Spring: (Chun Tian Hou Mu Xin/春天后母心): This was a really addictive series. It was sweet and heartwarming as much as it was heartjerking. It’s about a woman (played by the very famous Liu Xue Hua) who unknowning marries a man who has three children. She soon falls in love with those children and accepts them as her own. They come the tribulations and stuff that she does through to save her step-children. Touching but way too sad. Although, people who watch it to the end will be happy to see Yan Kuan cameo.a5c27d1ed21b0ef44195d75eddc451da81cb3eb4

5 Irrational Super Boy Biases

Who doesn’t like eye candy? Between you and I, the main deal-maker of singing show Super Boys is getting a sneak-peek of China’s new generation of idol singers, in the making. But as you know, the show has already CONTROVERSIALLY eliminated some of our favorites

1. Mr. Cheeky

Make no excuses, Xie Bin Bin is not a good singer by any standards, let alone a national singing competition. Bin Bin does, however, have personal charms that would make him a good entertainer. Eliminated during the top 66 round, Bin Bin has quickly become a highlight in YY Revival (YY复活) for his cheeky remarks and humor (and dimples dimples!). This is the kind of guy that would be a fantasy on any college campus but not on a singing show.

2.  Prince of Sorrow

Ma Chen sings with all his might and he’s got that star-look. A truly passionate singer who tends to go for melancholy-sounding ballads. Also eliminated during the top 66 round, Ma Chen can actually sing! He’s the kind of singer who I would pay to go to a live concert because his sincerity and passion for singing REALLY shows through his facial and hand gestures. Hunan TV would probably benefit from having this pretty boy on board, in any case.

3. The Good Badboy

Fan Shi Qi has already proved himself a natural entertainer on “Xiang Chang Jiu Chang” and a fantastic idol singer – what is there not to love? Although Fan has this badboy look, he doesn’t seem so ‘bad’. In Top 10, rapper Ou Hao would easily rob him of that title.

4. Just Yang Yang

Yang Yang is an honest (but not the best) singer and he has the boy-next-door kind of charisma.

5. MV-Director Yuuuuuuu

Man, Yu Menglong has been featured on here more than any other Super Boy I’ve talked about. Well, that’s because 1) he’s creating a LOT of buzz, mostly negative reactions from netizens who complain that he got into TOP 10; 2) Yu is already a professional music video director which is one of my dream careers; and 3) he’s one eye candy I would be sad if he got eliminated even though it is inevitable.

Okay your turn! Name your irrational loves. Doesn’t have to be a SuperBoy.