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Yu Zheng’s claim to fame: The Palace’s awkward cast promos

Yu Zheng’s debut film The Palace premiered in China yesterday, and, I kid you not, the cast promotions for the movie can break records…who’s up for winning the Most Awkward Cast n Crew award? If you think Chen Xiao refusing to look at other costars besides Zhao Liying wasn’t enough, this whole cast of cutie pies and royal princes are basically shy shy and serious.

The cast snaps for press photos for their upcoming premiere:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.57.05 PM

And then there was the time the cast promoted their movie on Tengxun talk show and had to play a game:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.04.54 PM

@20 minutes and 30 seconds in – they play charades and it looks like nobody knows how to play or guess and the host has to re-explain the game throughout the entire process that the host even got tired, ending with ‘Aiya ok that’s good enough’ LMAO. From what I see, Chen Xiao only feels truly at home when talking to Zhao Liying and rarely laughs at anyone else’s jokes. Look at more interviews and you’ll see what I mean 😛

Hey – never mind the awkward cast in promos! Let’s talk onscreen: I heard the response for the film was rather positive, for a Yu Zheng debut. Sparks did fly onscreen in the middle of a power struggle between the royalty, but more importantly, between 13th prince and Chen Xiang! (all thanks to the charms and convincing portrayals of our cast) On this blog, more related posts to look out for later this week.

Disclaimer: this is meant to be a lighthearted post wherein I poke fun at the cast promos, please don’t take offense. But I guess Chen Xiao-Li Ying fans won’t really have a problem with this huh. xD

Lin Geng Xin and Zhou Dongyu With Cute School Pics for New Movie


So squishy. So cute. So. Can’t wait.

More pictures of the cute pair have been released to Weibo. I still can’t believe the Zhang Yi Mou-picked star and Bu Bu Jing Xin’s 14th prince would come together for a romance film one day.

For synopsis and more details: my article at Cfensi on My Ol’ Classmate/同桌的你. I have mostly covered the Super Boy singing show so far. Been a longtime fan of their Chinese entertainment news reporting/commentary, so it’s nice to finally get to work with the amazing folks there.


Ain’t this such a good movie poster? I hope they don’t change it later on. It captures the innocence of first love so well. (okay okay let’s not get our hopes up too much!)

Movie poster source: Baidu Baike 

Gui Gui ditches WGM Husband for Mao Zi Jun

To promote their new hybrid wuxia-detective series The Four, actors Yang Yang, Mao Zi Jun and Gui Gui appear on China’s go-to variety show, Happy Camp. Here, taiwanese actress Gui Gui strips off her ‘taecyeon’s wify’ title as she romances Mao Zi Jun and Dreams of Red Chamber’s Yang Yang (he’s the guy with the multicolored shirt). Okay maybe that last part is a lie – I have just a tidbit of a clue on the pairings – but at least we know Mao Zi Jun’s character should be Gui Gui’s love interest.


It’s not just me right? They are kinda adorable looking together.

If you are here for the drama and want to see the shiny new trailer … Read this! This post here is purely a fangirly post if you didn’t realize up until now… eeps.

I think Yang Yang and Gui Gui have a lot of chemistry as well – as evidenced by the cast’s interactions on Happy Camp, but I think these two would be a better bffs pair than a romantic one. Jumping cows for joy! These cuties better do a drama together soon.

Photos sources: 1, 2

Tall-handsomes Chen Xiao and Zhu Zi Xiao in c-movie The Palace

Though I wouldn’t say the movie itself fascinate me much, the cast is pretty much perfection. Perfection as in, eye candy that is! I can imagine that a lot of Ah Zhen-Ah Zhan shippers and those fans of Zhang Yi Mou’s film Love Under a Hawthorn Tree will want to see this movie. But given the 3.6 anticipation rating on movie database MTime and general atmosphere of the trailer, the movie doesn’t seem to translate well from the bubbling-ridiculous-goodness of its TV siblings, Gong Suo Xin Yu and Gong Suo Zhu Lian.


Zhu Zixiao and Chen Xiao (Zhu Zixiao’s stylist is asking to be fired right?)

(though known to get into fashion mishaps *ahem like the one above*, Zhu Zi Xiao has an easygoing personality and a natural entertainer)

(although coming off as too-serious in interviews, Chen Xiao has a wonderful on-screen persona and versatile in costume dramas)

Only the one-and-only Yu Zheng can bring together such eye candy talents, set the bar for gorgeous cinematography and light up the fandom for onscreen couples – just to that, I think he deserves some props. Set to premiere in August, Yu Zheng’s debut film, The Palace (also called Gong Suo Chen Xiang), is based on the popular Palace television series where a modern city girl time-travels to the Qing dynasty and romances the princes. However in this film adaptation, the story is focused on Chen Xiang and her love with the 13th prince and isn’t clear whether time-traveling is involved. The eye-catching leads: Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu, Zhao Liying,  Zhu Zixiao.

The 2nd new trailer is out! Watch it and let me know what you think. Read More…

Back-To-Back Fukushi Sota: Trailers for J-Movies Library Wars and Enoshima Prism

He is apart of the new generation of young Japanese actors and has landed the lead role quite a few drama series and films in 2013 alone, including Kamen Riders Fourze and the currently airing Starman. Fukushi Sota caught my eye the moment I checked our his profile and bio whilst researching information on the jdrama Starman for my previous blog post. What caught me off-guard was I think, his magnetic eyes – I don’t believe I’ve ever described any one actor’s features like that, but wow. Of course, seeing that he was only 20 years old and still an up-and-comer, I questioned whether his acting will be up to par or photogenic-but-kinda-really-awkward-onscreen like Mizobata Junpei. Once I saw a couple of Fukushi’s appearances, I was convinced he can summon different emotions by adjusting the degree of intensity in his eyes, if anything. And with so many interesting movies under his belt, I figured I would share the trailers with you! For me, I’m partial to Endoshima Prism because I like that its about a warm friendship (and did someone say time-travel?), and Fukushi’s in a leading role, so we will get to see if he can work his magic in this one. Then again, Library Wars also sounds super interesting, but from the movie reviews I’ve read, it just seems to be a good concept in theory and execution is another story…



  • Release Date: August 10, 2013
  • Runtime: 90 min.
  • Genre: Time-Travel / Romance / Friendship

Shuta (Sota Fukushi), Saku (Shuhei Nomura) and Michiru (Tsubasa Honda) have been best friends since they were kids. Tragedy strikes the friends when during the winter of 2010, Saku dies from a heart attack. After Saku’s death, Shuta and Michiru become more distant. On the third year anniversary of Saku’s death, Shuta boards a train in the Enoshima subway. Somehow, Shuta travels back in time to 2010, before Saku died from a heart attack. Although Shuta is confused by the time change, he attempts to save Saku by changing the past. Photo source: CinemaCafe, Synopsis Source: AsianWiki


  • Release Date: April 27, 2013
  • Runtime: 128 min.
  • Genre: Action / Romance / Comedy

Set in the year 2019 in Japan. In order to crack down on free expression, a new law is passed, which allows for the government to create an armed force to find and destroy objectionable printed material. Meanwhile, to oppose this oppressive crackdown, the Library Force is created. The Library force, including instructor Atsushi Dojo (Junichi Okada) and Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura), work to protect the libraries. A fierce battle then ensues between these two groups. Fukushi Sota plays Satoshi who is apparently a love interest of Eikura’s character. Photo and Synopsis Source: AsianWiki

Like Fukushi Sota? Which movie do you want to see?

Photos (top of this post): 12

Final Teaser for C-Movie “Tiny Times”

I like this teaser better than the first one because it shows more plot and the relationships between characters are revealed. The vulnerable and strong side of friendships are shown between Yang Mi and Amber Kuo’s characters. And they finally show more of Rhydian Vaughan aka Feng Xiao Yue.  

“No one can stay forever young, but there’s always people who are living their youth” – Lin Xiao (Yang Mi)

Guo Jingming-directed Tiny Times has met with initially strong reception in China on June 27th, the movie premiere. 

According to Hollywood Reporter

Tiny Times broke the Chinese opening-day record for a solely 2D release by taking $11.2 million (69 million yuan) on Thursday…But the backlash has already begun for Tiny Times, with its staggering ticket sales running contrary to the mauling it received online – the film averaged ratings of 3.4 and 5.0 out of 10 on and, two of China’s most-visited movie portals.