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Links to Check Out — Chongqing, the fastest growing metropolis on earth?

1. China’s Secret Metropolis has the population of New York City and is apparently the fastest growing city in the world. But…Westerners don’t really know about it. Located in the center of China, quite the distance away from its well-known cousins Beijing and Shanghai, Chongqing is one of the few big cities that is not near the coastline. A Norwegian fellow decides to try a hand at grasping the essence and development of Chongqing in this delightfully funny and daring documentary that runs about 40 minutes. If you want a more professional and quick 10 minute video on this subject, check out BBC’s “China’s Unknown Mega City” – their take on Chongqing’s rapid growth.

2. Did the news of the 9/11 attacks feel like a passerby, or did it have a traumatizing effect on your life? Gripping, chilling, and based on phone calls, messages, and other forms of communication – 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers has everything you wanted to know about what exactly happened that changed NYC forever. It may be hard to stomach at times, but an important book.

3. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Top 10 Best Video Editing software, for anyone interested in shooting and editing video. Having heard of the Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere for so many years and having tried Cyberlink PowerDirector (which is amazing but have heard that it crashes when editing larger files), I’m all for taking a 30 day trial on the praised-about Corel editing system now.

4. Tired of learning normal Chinese and want to understand what all the Chinese youngsters are saying? What does BT and TMD stand for – and what the heck does Fuyun 浮云 mean? Here’s all the Chinese internet slang to catch up on! Easy to navigate and better than urban dictionary. You can use this for a reference the next time you’re on Weibo.

5. Two Cosmetic Products that have been achieving rave reviewsKATE Gel Eyeliner promises to not give you panda eyes (no smudge). Laneige Water Sleeping Pack locks in moisture and hydrates the skin like a mask while you sleep. WANT WANT.

6. What is open to only college students and where you can earn $ for checking out companies? And you never have to pay for anything. Jebbit is an online startup founded by Boston College students where you can earn real cash by interacting with participating companies. Jebbit is basically an advertising firm that uses an innovative way to connect customers and companies who want to reach out to their target market. Because it is a new startup, they only have a demo released.

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Links to Check Out — Signs you are a facebook stalker (and other misc things you should know)

photo credits to Maniac Muslim

photo credits to Maniac Muslim


  1. You can pat yourself on the back if you are….a Facebook Stalker. Some of the most pressing topics in the world these days have something to do with controversial social networks. Is facebook creeping acceptable? Is it common? Do you do it? BuzzFeed gives us 11 sure signs to notice next time you are on this popular social network. Who needs real life interaction when you got all your friends to talk to whenever you need to – all without having to move an inch from your bedside?
  2. Why does GTO top everyone’s Japanese dramas list? It’s the Japanese classic that familiarized westerners to the term “doramas” and yes, obviously if you haven’t seen it, you should. Don’t be turned off by the words “old drama” and “classic” because you just might find a gem you otherwise wouldn’t have seen! Find out 10 Japanese dramas from the 90s that have achieved a phenomenon status in Japan – props to Everyday Tokimeki for this useful piece.
  3. Everything you wanted to know about China’s bumbling TV culture – a highly important read that UrbanTimes contributor Jake Burrell has whipped up.
  4. Sam-Taylor WHOO? Popular erotic novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has found its director for the high-anicipated sexy film. OMG drum roll please…. it is none other than Sam-Taylor Johnson, who if you didn’t know, has nabbed Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging actor Aaron Johnson and made him hers. They made the headlines last year when the 45 year old director tied the knot with the 22 year old actor. Two of my favorite British actors are Alex Pettyfer (Wild Child) and Aaron Johnson (A, T, and PS) so it would be pretty funny if Sam-Taylor directed a movie with rumored male lead Alex Pettyfer.
  5. If you want to have clear skin as beautiful as Aragaki Yui and other Japanese actresses, learn what foods that Japanese girls consume to get their beautiful and flawless skin.

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Links to Check Out — Cross-Continential Love Story and Crazy Japanese Pizzas

source: xiaxue's beauty blog

source: xiaxue’s beauty blog

  1. Follow Xiaxue, a famous Singaporean beauty blogger, as she finds love in a Houston guy who lives halfway across the world. Bold and spunky and sentimental, this girl has a rocking love story that is worthy of being retold again and again. Honestly, t feels like you are right there with her. You really can’t help but be thrown back and amazed – the story is told wonderfully with accompanying plane ticket stubs, photos, and a cute letter.
  2. Want to Live in Korea? 10 Things You’ll Have to Get Used to! If you are reading this…. you watch too many kdramas for your own good. Just saying! Find out if you have what it takes to really submerge yourselves in Korean culture, and you have the staff at Seoulistic to thank.
  3. Look no further, where else can you find chewy minature hot dogs lining your pizza crust? Japanese pizzas of course. Lest we forget that seafood has remained prominent in traditional Japanese dishes, there are pizzas decorated with seafood toppings as a option as well. Fancy.
  4. Claire’s China Blog – an adopted Chinese girl who explores her roots by traveling throughout China. Claire’s musings after traveling from Beijing to Nanning reflect maturity beyond her years. Really enlightening read.
  5. The other side of Rick Steves. He may seem like Mister Rogers, But in a revealing interview, the travel guru shares his daring views on Iran and terrorism, spoiled Americans, and the best place to smoke pot in Europe.

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Last week: Flawless Skin, Wongfu Pro, Self-Esteem Boost, and Free Online Colleges

Week Two: Chinese Actresses Look-Alikes, Baseball Caps, and Chinese Film Studios

Week One: Umeboshi, Makeup, Drama Fashions, And Kpop

Links to Check Out — Flawless Skin, Wongfu Pro, Self-Esteem Boost, and Free Classes

  1. Melodee Morita has literally flawless skin and I’m not quite sure if its genetics or good daily habits or the skincare that she uses, or maybe all of the above. She is also a Japanese-English-fluent reporter for a Japanese television channel in NY and an accomplished ballet dancer. Melodee explains things in her video with both English and Japanese since she is bilingual, which I find really cool. 
  2. Wongfu Pro’s just turned 10 years! Philip, Wes, and Ted tell their fans how their process has been and what their lives have been like since Wongfu Productions began to create video skits in 2003. Whether you like them or not, there’s no doubt they are a talented trio who have brilliant ideas and high-quality productions. What they do to achieve their dream careers can serve to be an inspiration to us all. Since 2010, they have branched out to television web series and a variety show.
  3. Blogilates tells you that “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. Here’s an excerpt from her blog: “Not all of us are born math geniuses or 6ft tall runway models, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Remember that sometimes what you do not have is a blessing too. The reason why your quads and calves are “too bulky” is probably the reason why you’re the captain of your track team. The reason why you don’t have so many friends and you’re so soft spoken is the reason why…”
  4. Coursera, a hub of massive open online courses. Classes to register for… a choice from top universities… 10 week long courses ranging from biostatistics to science of gastronomy…video lectures and homework assignments and quizzes…for free. Need I say more? If you don’t know what to do with your summer, I suggest you register for one of these classes. You’ll feel productive, I promise you!

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Links to Check Out — Chinese Actresses Look-Alikes, Cute Baseball Caps, and “Hengdian” Film Studios

said 90% similarity. What do you think?

they said 90% similarity. What do you think?

  1.  Do you think these flight attendants 航空小姐 look like Chinese celebrities? You be the judge, but me thinks Ma Yi Li and the attendant (picture 2) have a striking resemblance! At least they could have been long lost sisters or something. Personally I disagree with the girl who’s supposed to look like Wang Yan (picture 1), nobody can come close to the unique beauty of our Qing Ge Ge! ^^
  2. Hengdian is not only a Chinese Hollywood, it is a kingdom (literally); well, made up of palaces at least. If you follow any ancient or period television, you are probably familiar with this giant film studio located in the Zhejiang province of China. A lot of entertainers have filmed here for wuxia, dynasty, and fantasy dramas. You know, I’ve entertained the thought of actually visiting this place, but it would take a while to find the time and have the dough to go. In the meanwhile, anyone who are going or have been to Hengdian should let us know and send your pics!
  3. Want to know what kind of guys qualify for the coveted top male models list? There’s one Chinese ranked in the top 10 and a Japanese made the top 20. And of course! Brazillian models Marlon and Francisco (*swoon*) topped the list. I think I can safely say now, that the well-worked formula is having nice choco abs, being taller than half the guys at school, thick eyebrows, a chiseled jaw, sensuous lips, smoldering deep-set eyes, AND a husky voice.
  4. Women use feminism as a cover not appreciating love? Yale senior Alexandra Lin relays some wise words for her fellow college grad sisters and for the rest of us as well.
  5. I’m in the market for cute baseball caps, but damn do these girls look good in their hair wear! Fan Bing Bing is gorgeous already, but with a wide brim and shades, she takes the Bing to a new level (lol I don’t even know what that means). If you are also in the market for a cute hat, avoid the ones with fur (faux or genuine) at all costs!

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Links To Check Out — Week One: Umeboshi, Makeup, Drama Fashions, And Kpop

Hello everyone! This is going to be a new feature thingy on UnderratedGems where I recommend links to inspirational or cool websites (or videos) that I find each week. The sections will change according to each week’s discoveries, so make sure to check them out every week for surprises. And here’s to hoping you learn or discover some new things while you browse my links.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 1.46.28 PM

  1. Make Homemade Umeboshi 梅干: have you tried pickled vegetables 榨菜 or had preserved plums 话梅? Umeboshi are similar; tart in flavor, with a slight saltiness. In Japan, people will eat umeboshi on top of plain rice when they don’t have other dishes. It gives a kick of flavor and never fails to make my mouth water. I’ve seen umeboshi in Jdramas where the students will pack this into their lunchboxes. You can also find these pickled plums in snack form at Asian groceries. With this famous recipe on umeboshi, you can now make it at home!
  2. Kpop is Considered Childish Among Koreans?: Noticed how much of Korean pop music is present on Youtube or on popular forums? It. Is. Everywhere. (everywhere that is, when you have an asian community) Have you wondered that maybe all this hype about kpop is mostly centered around the international fans? This essay suggests that Kpop is actually not a focal culture of Korean people, but its main audience are pre-publescent girls. Whatever you make of it, ’twas an interesting read.
  3. Jenn Im’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial: Not every makeup tutorial out there will include commentary like “this liner is just whatever – it’s like the best whatever” and “my powder just locks everything in place and seals all my hardwork”. Quotable and funny, this girl knows just the things to brighten up a typical makeup video. Let’s not forget her eloquent choice of words. I bet men could even watch her vids without fast-forwarding to the end.
  4. Get This Look – Yoona’s <Love Rain> Fashion: I love fashion. I love dramas. What is there not to love about this? Well, I guess, the price tag.
  5. Recap of <Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo> Episode 3: I love the way SleeplessSpirits does the recaps. We are given lots and lots of yummy screencaps with some commentary and summarizing.

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