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These Cartoon iPhone Cases Are Every Phone-Lover’s Fantasy


From wood-material One Piece covers to satirical comics, here’s 9 seriously hard-to-resist graphic designs and textures you have to check out. There’s our favorite moostache. There’s a KFC pancake with emoticons. Maybe that is iPhone’s true appeal…. a never-ending wonderland of beautiful outfits to accessorize your phone with! Of course, we have to give props to businesses who are making a good sum from this phone accessories market. Links to the merch are at the end of the post. Have fun browsing through:

“Shit! Got More Handsome” Comic iPhone Case


This one says: Shit! I just got more handsome.

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Tang Yan doesn’t leave home without her trusty hat (collective fashion)


Whenever, wherever. Chinese actress Tang Yan reveals her sweet demeanor and good taste for hats in her daily life shots. The actress, who is blessed with flawless skin and above-average height (at 170 cm), often goes outside barefaced with casual sweats. However one thing cannot be forgotten – the hat, the hat! Although most of us normal folks won’t be able to pull off a graphic baseball hat as well as Tang, it doesn’t mean that we don’t lust for them now that we’ve seen how cute she makes them look.


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Suzy Looks Good In Anything

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.30.24 PM

Girls, before you splurge on that dress…


While most of us have drained our energy just gaping at this Nu Shen*, some people have some insight on why we like her:

Suzy’s appeal is the girl-next-door factor, but the reality is, the girl next door will seldom look like her…She fits the role because of her common features, but she’s also arguably the most ideal representation of those features, alongside IU. Girls who have that quality of blending in, yet standing out, are the rarest of all. – BluesRiffage (Youtube)

Do you like Suzy Bae? Favorite outfit she wears? p.s. (okay yes the main main purpose of this post was having a reason to upload this purty pic of my favorite Super Boys)

*Nu Shen - 女神: Chinese slang for very beautiful women; literally means ‘woman goddess’

Don’t Forget Your Toilet Paper!

I reckon a lot of people will be hitting the water parks during these hot days in China. An entire day (or even half day)’s worth of shopping or going to historical parks during its scorching hot June to August months will require some needed items to ward off the heat and stay fresh. Among the top essentials are toilet paper, wet wipes and a parasol. Uh toilet paper?! Here’s a list of items to give ideas for any travelers hoping to visit some of China’s beautiful cities in the summer BUT want to keep your cool (hehe) as you explore the city! You are welcome to adapt this list for summer day adventures in Korea, Japan, or another Asian country you are visiting. Leggo my ego. daytime adventures in china

I found metro cards very useful when exploring in Chinese cities. Best methods of travel are the subway system and metro buses, but you will need to be familiar with the subway routes (etc) before you embark on one. And with both transportation, you need to be slightly more aggressive than you would in a Western setting, like pushing your way through the subway door to (hopefully) earn a seat! And for everyone interested, toilets in China are ranked too: personal experience, if anything, has led me to believe the worst ones are at shopping centers. Avoid them at all costs! I enjoyed the ones at KFC and McDs though, and luckily for Western travelers, these fast food restaurants show up everywhere. Air conditioning, by the way, is available in most Chinese shopping malls.

Oh, and while we’re at the topic of Beijing and Shanghai, these two most well-known cities of China are so often compared to each other despite that they have their own distinct traits. In the summer months, Beijing is like a flame-blowing dragon (interpret it however you like) and Shanghai is like a taking a dip in a hot bowl of oily soup. But hey – there’s one more excuse for ice-cream! Oh the fruity goodness of Da Hong Guo 大红果冰棍.


Things you didn’t know you need when you are out and about in a Chinese city….

The bare min:

  • toilet paper – very few public restrooms are stocked with toilet paper (this author had a poor experience with Yi He Yuan’s lack of this accommodation). stay on the safe side because you never know.
  • wet wipes, or cleansing wipes are good when your makeup is starting to glide off your face in the heat and are good for refreshing after a sticky-icky ride in a crowded metro bus or subway (but at least there is usually air conditioning in the subway ^^)
  • hand sanitizers because the word has it that you can’t find them in the stores! and you might want to use them before a meal
  • water is crucial when it’s hot outside and if you will be walking for a while
  • parasol also known as the sun-umbrella- this is an effective that Chinese women do to protect from the sun and stay cool
  • Beijing is plagued with seasonal dust storms so bring close-toed shoes that don’t mind getting dirty.

You might also want to carry:

  • camera
  • your own set of utensils if you are going to be dining in restaurants and from outdoor food vendors
  • blotting paper if your face gets oily easily
  • wallet – remember to have exchanged for Chinese RMB and bring your metro card too
  • sunglasses so you are not getting premature wrinkles from squinting at signs and the glare from cars

Would you carry these items? Other essentials?

Photo source: (first two Chinese pictures) 1, 2, (kids eating ice-cream picture) Flickr

Yang Mi’s Airport Fashion (collective)


Yang Mi looks fantastic in er airport pictures so I thought I’d share it with the fashion junkies.

You might like it if your style is: cool, refreshing, practical, stylish, not revealing, put-together

Links to Check Out — Flawless Skin, Wongfu Pro, Self-Esteem Boost, and Free Classes

  1. Melodee Morita has literally flawless skin and I’m not quite sure if its genetics or good daily habits or the skincare that she uses, or maybe all of the above. She is also a Japanese-English-fluent reporter for a Japanese television channel in NY and an accomplished ballet dancer. Melodee explains things in her video with both English and Japanese since she is bilingual, which I find really cool. 
  2. Wongfu Pro’s just turned 10 years! Philip, Wes, and Ted tell their fans how their process has been and what their lives have been like since Wongfu Productions began to create video skits in 2003. Whether you like them or not, there’s no doubt they are a talented trio who have brilliant ideas and high-quality productions. What they do to achieve their dream careers can serve to be an inspiration to us all. Since 2010, they have branched out to television web series and a variety show.
  3. Blogilates tells you that “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”. Here’s an excerpt from her blog: “Not all of us are born math geniuses or 6ft tall runway models, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Remember that sometimes what you do not have is a blessing too. The reason why your quads and calves are “too bulky” is probably the reason why you’re the captain of your track team. The reason why you don’t have so many friends and you’re so soft spoken is the reason why…”
  4. Coursera, a hub of massive open online courses. Classes to register for… a choice from top universities… 10 week long courses ranging from biostatistics to science of gastronomy…video lectures and homework assignments and quizzes…for free. Need I say more? If you don’t know what to do with your summer, I suggest you register for one of these classes. You’ll feel productive, I promise you!

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