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Nirvana In Fire II Episodes 1-25 Thoughts 琅琊榜之风起长林


As a huge fan of the 2015 Chinese hit “Nirvana in Fire”, truthfully I expected that Nirvana 2 would suck, but by-golly, I would have to admit that it’s untrue. NO NO, NIRVANA 2 IS GOOD! Solid pacing, solid acting, and solid plot. As a casual viewer, I definitely Read More…

Lan Ling Wang – a pictures post

By now, maybe you have been intrigued at this refreshing take on typical Chinese period dramas called “Lan Ling Wang/兰陵王”. It stars talented actors Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng. After jotting down quick overall thoughts about the drama after I finished it, I wanted to retell the drama with images and captions.  Who is your all-time favorite character in Lan Ling Wang? And what is the most memorable quote?

1. our main girl is a descendant of the magical clan of “Nv Wa” and forget magical! she’s just a human girl with an unfortunate ancestry that claims stuff she can’t do


2. really, she’s just a everyday girl who has street smarts and helps people in need. She’s also an inventor! she’s taught people to make fire, filter out dirty water, and surprised the king with fireworks


3. well, and she falls in love with the only man her family (her grandmother) forbids – cause the whole story is based on one prophecy:  Read More…

Lan Ling Wang Episode 31-46 (END) Thoughts

This person said it best:

The first time I felt that in a drama, the second pair of leads (king gao wei and his queen) stellar performance almost overshadows that of the first pair of leads. Gosh, a really great ensemble of cast♥ (Rachael Wang @ Youtube)

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.34.53 PM

By the last third of Lan Ling Wang, everything just becomes so tragic. The events make it sad, but surprisingly this drama has successfully skirted around from misunderstandings (most of that is concentrated in the middle episodes 20-30). This is a horrible show because Read More…

Lan Ling Wang (Ariel Lin and FSF) Episodes 16-30 Thoughts

Rare, guys, rare to have a show that keeps up the pace nearly 30 episodes in. By the way, Lan Ling Wang is supposed to have 46 episodes in total, which means I will likely be writing another recap post in a few weeks. WHY SO ADDICTIVE, SHOW? Antagonist who we are supposed to hate, Gao Wei (the crown prince), is good at making us feel sympathetic to him. The actor who plays him is damn good.


Two evil antagonists, the Crown Prince and Zheng Er. But how come I can bring myself to hate him?

  • The only two times I have teared up: when Xue Yu and Lan Ling Wang broke up due to schemes and misunderstandings, and after Gao Wei realizes his fault for killing his father to obtain the throne. I was bawling whenever Gao Wei cries.
  • Did anyone else see the connection with Legend of Lu Zhen? Lan Ling Wang is an extension of Legend of Lu Zhen in terms of history, because the Emperor of Qi in Lan Ling Wang is actually Gao Zhan! I don’t know why I didn’t make that connection until they did that flashback where Gao Zhan of Lan Ling Wang was called “Chang Guang Wang 长广王”.


  • It is interesting how Yu Wen Yong (Zhou emperor) always comes to the rescue when Xue Wu is in grave danger, not just him, but Xue Wu’s friend Xiao Dong. Yu Wen Yong knows his place in Xue Wu’s heart, only as a friend, not a lover, but still does everything he can in his power to save her. When Xue Wu breaks up with Si Ye and she is sold in the black market as a prostitute. But then of course, Yu Wen Yong hears about this and he comes to buy her/save her. He injures himself climbing up a cliff to search for a magical ‘dancing grass’ for Xue Wu to cure her. This is the second time he’s come to rescue Xue Wu, even though the Zhou and Qi are technically enemy kingdoms.


  • Zheng Er is the most antagonist character in the whole series – I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. I mean, when she was enslaved and escapes, I knew she would eventually pose a threat to Xue Wu and Si Ye. But oh, she is awful. You haven’t seen the worst of her yet.


  • I love that Xue Wu gets jealous when Zheng Er interacts with Si Ye (which is part of Zheng Er’s schemes to separate the lovebirds). But that’s what humans do right? We get jealous. I am so sick of those naive protagonists who are martyrs and blind to any sort of scheming.
  • In between episodes 24-26 (I may be off with the episodes), it does start to get a bit draggy, with unnecessary fillers. I try to avoid the stuff about the palace.

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Super Boys Top 7 Recap: Who Made Guo Jingming Cry?!

Welcome back to another week’s recap of Super Boys! To see the last one, where the Super Boys compete for eight spots: go here.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 12.43.44 PM

Whose singing made Guo Jing Ming (v-god) tear up?

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 10.34.47 AM

Introducing the eight Super Boys…. No, I mean, eight flight attendants? All the singers all decked in navy, tailored suits – and man, Zhang Yang Yang and Ning Huanyu look fine (read as: dayum fineeeeeee).

Watch and Follow along with this recap at: Read More…

Super Boys Top 8 Recap: Fan Bing Bing steals the show as v-goddess

For last week’s recap of Super Boy (10 battle for 9) – go here.

Everybody gave it their all in this round. Props to Bai Ju Gang, who sang wholeheartedly despite having a hurt throat before competition. Hands down my favorites – Zhang Yang Yang and Bai Ju Gang’s performances. A touching story about Ning Huanyu was revealed in his VCR before he went on stage. Near the final, Fan Bing Bing and costar-music producer Aarif Lee steal the show, singing One Night Surprise‘s theme song. To follow along with this recap, you can watch today’s Super Boy competition here

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.08.18 PM

So Fan Bing Bing is actually the first one onscreen as she cheers on the boys – football huddle style. Unlike her goddess image, Fan is quite humorous and constantly jokes around with the other judges.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.07.26 PM

Nicholas Tse is back as Super Boy judge, but now Chen Kun is absent from his usual judge seat for this week. *tears*

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.32.26 PM

Well at least Nicholas and Fan reunites! Read More…