Introducing Epic Chinese Drama: Nirvana In Fire (Lang Ya Bang)


PSA: This is not a love story.

At first, I was like pssh this show looks boring. The trailer made it look like it was 10% warfare, 10% angst, and 80% of Hu Ge pondering. That said, I am SO GLAD I ended up watching it. Actually, this is one of the few genuinely high quality and well-thought out stories I have seen in a long long time. It appears to be ‘slow’, but every scene has its purpose. On top of that, a very entertaining watch (funny too!) and the eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

Lang Ya Bang is currently the top watched TV drama in China, with over 14,628,775 views on Sohu.


This guy looks so PEACEFUL for most of the first 20 episodes, but is actually a genius mastermind (the good kind).

He actually went through some crazy shit like 12 years ago where bad people betrayed him, so he’s kind of back to take revenge.

His name is Su. *actually goes by many aliases


This guy is the 7th Prince, name: Prince Jing. Su comes back to the capital city to plot to help this guy ^ eventually win the throne. (SUPER CRUSHING ON PRINCE JING).


He’s such a goody two-shoes. He has many great qualities; loyal, has integrity, straightforward, HOT n hot voice too.


Little did the Prince Jing know, Su actually is not only his smart strategist, but they were once childhood BFFS! Of course Su can’t possibly let him know his real identity, so he tries his darnest to keep it away from him!

BY THE WAY, Wang Kai, the actor who plays Prince Jing is stellar. He is a solid actor on top of his looks.


Also Su reacquaints with his childhood lover, Princess Nihuang. Despite all those promo posters with her in army gear and looking like a badass, she’s mainly in the series to fulfill her romance with Su. (wait, did somebody say romance? well she basically goes “Oppa”-cray which is as romantic as it’s gonna get, man)


Two cute friends of Su. They aren’t involved in any palace politics, but they are loyal and make kick-ass bodyguards when need to be.


Er Hao??? Is that YOU? This once handsome lad is made a bad character in this show: a slightly dumb Crown Prince.

He battles for the throne with Prince Yu (up next)… they both have supporters on their sides, and actually their battles is where most of the show has revolved around.


Prince Yu is one of the older princes with about the same  power as the Crown Prince. The two of them have their own political fractions in the kingdom. This is an important dude, Su (being the mastermind that is he is) first pretends to side with this guy and help him win the throne.

** I know that I didn’t cover all the characters, but honestly I just wanted to make a short and not intimidating intro for this series, so I know I missed a lot of great people like Su’s little sidekick 飞流 and Su’s friend the general 蒙大统领.

I really highly recommend watching. The plotting theme kind of reminds me of a male-version of Legend of Zhen Huan, but less catty. Actually wait… they’re kinda different. ;P

You can watch Nirvana in Fire on Viki

To understand more about our characters while you watch the show, JoleCole has an awesome translated version here.

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5 responses to “Introducing Epic Chinese Drama: Nirvana In Fire (Lang Ya Bang)”

  1. dramamochi says :

    I agree. It seemed boring and minus romantic story makes me even less interested but even with my minimal Chinese understanding, the plots are quite well written and intriguing. It helps with all the eye candy I can get here 😉

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Haha I felt that way at first, I basically skipped most of the first episode. Once it got good, it was really good. I hope you keep watching!~

      I agree with you, everything was well-writen and also the pacing was pretty great (I haven’t really skipped or fast-forward any scenes, that’s how I can tell!). The language they used in the dialogue was sometimes hard to fully comprehend, even for native speakers i’ll imagine, but finding context clues really helps ha.

      My main bae = Wang Kai hehe

      • dramamochi says :

        At first I didn’t feel much for Wang Kai but he is growing on me 😀 So is Meng Da Tong Lin. He is sooo cute, doesn’t know what is wrong half the time when he talks but he just knows that he’s wrong XD

  2. heisui says :

    YES I’m loving this too!!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      (55 episodes leggo)
      I can’t believe I’m in love with almost all the characters. I love that Meichang Su is crazy smart, he’s always a step ahead and prepares for everything.

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