Let’s begin 2014 – C-Movies “Up in the Wind” and “Personal Tailor” To Look Forward to!

Ok, so Jing Boran and Ni Ni look awesome in their new movie “Up in the Wind“, which looks to be a growing-up slash romance type of story. Boran looks particularly dashing and charismatic.


And the theme song is sung by none other than Hua Cheng Yu (champion of last summer’s Super Boy competition, which I recapped). Here it is! I urge you to watch it – it has Hua Cheng Yu’s recording + scenes from the film + bts with Boran and Ni Ni. If you know Chinese, you’ll also find the lyrics are really meaningful as well.

Now – let’s talk “Personal Tailor“! Apparently it has broken box office records in China since it premiered.


The movie called for a well-known ensemble cast – Lu Xiaolu, Ge You, Bai Baihe, and Zheng Kai (he’s from Zhao Wei’s “So Young”!). I checked, and it’s already in the top 10 highest grossing films in China. WHAT. It has to be good. The trailer is really funny too, so this is definitely going on my watch list. The story reminds me a lot of Cyrano Dating Agency and Inception – because here is a company who makes it possible for their clients to get their dream, on one condition, only if their dream can make themselves a better person. Funky but cool idea right? Also, the actors are top-notch.

Personal Tailor (Chinese: 私人订制) is a 2013 Chinese comedy film directed by Feng XiaogangPersonal Tailor opened to a new record of US$13.2 million including midnight screenings beating Tiny Times record of $12 million set in July 2013.” – Wikipedia gives a good gist

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One response to “Let’s begin 2014 – C-Movies “Up in the Wind” and “Personal Tailor” To Look Forward to!”

  1. heisui says :

    I like the poster for Ni Ni’s movie! Looks like there is a huge height difference, O___O

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