“In a Good Way” (episode 7) and Starting “I Can Hear Your Voice”

Wooohooo for such random posts! I usually try to organize these posts by topic but I was getting lazy and wanted to get my thoughts out NOW. So yea here we go! 😀


In a Good Way has unfailingly made my Fridays better – it’s like being wrapped inside a warm blanket with a fizzy soda (or cheesecake) in your hand. Episode 7 was a good way to wrap up Jia En and Liu Chuan’s cat-and-mouse chase. I like Jia En’s decision at the end of the episode. The whole 3631 search thing was getting quite dragged on and neither side was giving up. We have a bit of cute jealously on Liu Chuan’s side! AHHH CUTE. The feelings are coming out!


Meanwhile, I have decided to begin another drama – a korean drama called “I Can Hear Your Voice”. It’s about a young man who can read minds and he protects a girl from a serial killer. (After watching Heirs….. I kinda wish Kim Woo Bin would take an awesome role like this hehe!) The show looks pretty addictive and good! I read some good things about it on Dramabeans.

Anyways, I know I will regret this , as one of my new years resolutions was to cut down on drama-watching! Maybe I can compromise and be a casual watcher? Or like, you know, just watch like 10 episodes and call it good? (because that always works) College studying and dramas always clash omg!! One way I usually deal with this problem is opting to read recaps haha.

How do you deal?

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One response to ““In a Good Way” (episode 7) and Starting “I Can Hear Your Voice””

  1. timeinthegray says :

    Hehehe, I squealed at Liu Chuan’s jealousy in this episode. Boy can’t hide it to save his life!

    I plan to see I Hear Your Voice sometime soon as well~ Considering how almost unanimously positive the reviews have been, I don’t think it’ll disappoint.

    School + dramas just don’t mix, haha. Let’s enjoy winter break while we can!

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