Let’s spazz over In A Good Way (我的自由年代)

When was the last time you saw a series that made you swoon over a college guy and girl engaging in awkward conversation over the public phone? Wait… wait… What? Yeah, sorry I forgot to say that twdrama In A Good Way (我的自由年代) is set in the mid-90s. This new taiwanese series just blows my mind, I tell you. It’s insane because it makes you want to savor each episode like a hard-won treat after a day’s marathon. In a nutshell: What sets it apart from other recent Asian drama hits like The Heirs is its sheer dedication to carve out its characters – Liu Chuan, Jia En, Bai Xue, and Ren Wei. The essence of the drama is its attention to detail (lots of great dialogue), the funny and genuine friendships, the effort put into creating the 90s college era atmosphere, and the awkward yet so real lurveee. And may I say…. Liu Chuan’s eyebaggy, loving glances at Jia En captures it all.


(btw, the fact that I assumed at the beginning that Ren Wei was gonna be the love interest made it all the more exciting when the college-hottie Liu Chuan made his appearance)

I have so many favorite little scenes from this series…. the subtle scenes between Mr. Eyebags (Liu Chuan) and Jia En just kills me. IT makes you want to scream “GET TOGETHER ALREADY!” “HE’S THE 3631 GUY YOU ARE LOOKING FOR”. This is the result of explosive, sparkling, chemistry, I tell you.


The drama is currently at episode 6, and you are looking at 35 episodes (omg 35 episodes of goodness, are you ready?).

Mark your calendars: One episode a week, every Friday night. Meanwhile, you can fangirl along with ze blog, and on Instagram @_inagoodway_.



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4 responses to “Let’s spazz over In A Good Way (我的自由年代)”

  1. misscupcakees says :

    Ahahaha, I know right!? The way that Liu Chuan stares at Jia En just melts my heart! Liu Chuan is just so perfect in every possible way imaginable!

    Each ep is 120 minutes with ads and BTS airing every Friday. I don’t think it will be any where nearly 35 eps because SETTV weekly idol dramas are only 18-24 eps long. 35 eps would mean well over half a year with the one drama!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Oops I just looked at the dramawiki page to check the # of episodes but there’s nothing there, so I’m guessing they haven’t set the number then? Dunno where I saw it was 35 but clearly I wasn’t thinking it through haha. Ok well that’s good, 35 seems too much anyways!

      …. less than 3 days til next episode! Can’t wait to see itttt, the previews look gewd. Are you all caught up yet? xD

      • misscupcakees says :

        YEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Liu Chuan and Jia En are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Liu Chuan is totally falling for her!

      • carolies541 says :

        I think I saw dramafever stating 21 episodes and that’s quite possible considering the previous drama that aired before IAGW, Just You is also 21 episodes long. So… IAGW will probably have 20s episodes.

        That picture of Lego snuggling up the two girl is just plain love, I can see his relationship between Smile and Kirsten, he seems like squishing Kirsten while just softly putting his arms on Smile, it seems like he’s really comfortable with Kirsten. Okay, maybe I was reading too much but this is the only tw-drama that set my inner fangirl potential on fire in the recent years.

        Lego seems to lose his eyebags when he’s able to get some rest, hahaha! I still remember how smooth and tight his skin looks in “Because of You” but I love his current self, upgraded and more manly. His deep gaze is still as hot as ever.

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