Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye attend the annual Anhui TV Drama Awards

Perhaps you were scrolling through your Weibo (the most popular Chinese microblog for those who don’t know) feed last night…. and you may have discovered that Kim Woo Bin decided to FINALLY UPDATE his status* after months of inactivity. He wrote it in Korean, therefore nobody could understand it without a quick visit to Google Translator, but that didn’t stop the thousands of comments from flowing in, in response to the surprise update. Turns out, his costar Park Shin Hye and himself were in China, at an awards show, representing The Heirs! Why does it make me so excited that it was Kim Woo Bin instead of Lee Min Ho? And it’s Kim Woo Bin’s first time in China! Haha I feel like two worlds are colliding or something… My chinese and korean fandoms that is. In fact, they were the big guests of the night at the annual year-ends Anhui Drama Festival (watched it last year and the year before)! Award show…. meaning lots of adorable, shippy pictures, and gorgeous eye candy all around. Pictures below! Before I forget here’s other people who attended this awards ceremony: Tang Yan, Qi Wei, Luo Jin, Ying’er, Chen Xiao, Zhao Liying, Liu Tao, Bao Jian Feng, Li Yi Feng, Jimmy Lin, Joe Chen, Nicky Wu, Yan Kuan and his wife.


*Kim Woo Bin’s account on Weibo

Keep in mind the official pictures and the program are not released yet, so these stills will have to do for now :3

KWB’s Chinese fans adoringly refer to him as “Long Legs” Jin Yu Bin.


Lovely, HQ shots of Woo Bin’s back of the head….


Side profile is so hawt. That charming smile is sure to melt the hearts of girls who are sitting nearby. Speaking of which….


Look at who is beside the two! It’s Tang Yan (in the white), China’s sweetheart. Super pretty that night, but the white dress is a bit too…. well that’s up for another post.


And in the golden coveted seat besides Woo Bin… where you can get a perfect view of the side profile… is a favorite actress of mine and also super popular in China nowadays, Qi Wei


The overseas pair both receive awards for her performance in The Heirs 😀 God, they are so adorable interacting on stage.


And the rest of the pictures!






Woo Bin’s papa! Sorry this one’s random but now we know where he gets his good looks from! Hehe. But we haven’t seen Mama Kim yet so we can’t be too sure… 


To finish this off, here is Woo Bin oh so casually making the airport his runway as he is about to head to China…


ON a final note,  Just a minor hair complaint. I loved LOVED it when Young Do put his bangs down later in the drama, but I would have preferred Woo Bin’s hair up during the awards show, especially for the red carpet photos, because his fierce-looking (almost Goku like) eyebrows were the ones that would really steal the show. His long bangs have basically covered his eyes in most photos I’ve seen. But he still looks great with his suit and Shinhye at his arm hehe.


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2 responses to “Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye attend the annual Anhui TV Drama Awards”

  1. lena kinsley says :

    I reali love woobin oppa nd his lovely hair style nd his smiles it makes i me wanna faint….sarangeheyo oppa

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