A Letter to Young Do

Young Do, I’m still not over youuuuuuu! =D Love and hate relationship with the Second Lead Syndrome. 😍


Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 9.19.00 PM

Dear Young Do,

It sure sucks being the second lead, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, you’re only 18. Things are bound to get better. Sure, you like Eun Sang, but look how well that is working out for Kim Tan. You can’t believe that your dad wouldn’t do the same thing. Such is the life of a filthy rich heir.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.55.22 PM

Please know that you’ve already won over the hearts of women around the world. Your antics and bad-yet-actually-good-boy demeanor is highly attractive. No matter how bad you must feel now after your first love-related rejection, let me assure you, you’re gonna be just fine.

It kills me to watch you suffer. Eun Sang doesn’t realize what she’s missing. Just let her have Kim Tan, you can do better.

For your future love endeavors, here are some tips:

No Bullying

If you like someone, don’t bully them. It’s not the best tactic. I think…

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