Things are looking down for Young Do of “Heirs” but he’s already won my heart

Casual post wherein I discuss The Heirs and Young Do (played by Kim Woo Bin)

Truthfully, classes and final exams have eaten a huge chunk of my time, so I haven’t kept up with any dramas except for heirs. I didn’t even think I would get to blog about anything until winter break rolled around, but I guess I had to, with all the emotions building up with Heirs episode 15-16.


I have to confess… Lee Minho and Park Shinhye (main couple) bored me to tears in the 1-3 episodes. The only reason I kept watching this series was because the show decided to pick up the pace and relocate to the pretty, elite school in Seoul. Then, Young Do (the badboy and frenemy of Kim Tan) showed up.


In fact, Young Do was the most interesting person in the entire show, three-dimensional and troubled. I didn’t like him very much in the beginning. But then…


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He changed.

Young Do was initially just a character that piqued my interest. He was a charmer, a bully, and always picking on Eun Sang. Nobody is denying that he was a total jerk in the beginning of the show. But now that he’s beginning to soften up and fall head over *sneakers* for our heroine, his love for Eun Sang changes him a lot and Young Do becomes endearing & sweet.

If the feedback (youtube comments) haven’t voiced enough of this sentiment, I gotta say this as well – Kim Woo Bin needs to get his own drama and get the girl! It’s too heartbreaking to see him pinning for Eun Sang when clearly, the girl ain’t fighting against her fated love with Kim Tan. At least bring on the Kim Tan – Young Do bromance. Or give Young Do a chance with Eun Sang (not going to happen, you say? …..Okay *crys*)


Heirs, if weren’t for your star-studded, mega eye-candy ensemble cast, you would’ve dunked into unwatchable land. The show is very cliche. But everyone who is still watching this show despite all it’s flaws… please continue watching it for Young Do! ^^

Eun Sang: What do you want from me?

Young Do: That you’ll answer your own phone calls.
That you’ll reply when I talk to you.
That you’ll say hello when we meet eyes.


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One response to “Things are looking down for Young Do of “Heirs” but he’s already won my heart”

  1. rarapop says :

    Yes! Heirs really would have been nothing it it didn’t have its all-star cast. I enjoyed watching it, but without Young Do I think I would have given up. It certainly wasn’t an all-star drama to go along with the all-star cast! Now if Young Do had his own show… I can’t even imagine how excited I would be! We can dream.

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