Sibling Tags on Youtube: There’s the Awesome and Sassy in Every Bite…of Lucky Charms

If you have grown up with siblings, you would know the battle for the TV remote and the tattle-telling. Having siblings can be the best or worst experience, and it depends mainly on how YOU interpret it. P.s. older brothers and sisters, please set a good role model for your brother or sister! CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Please try to treat them well when they are younger (again, when they are still young)… You don’t know how important your influence may be to them.

So I’ve seen my share of Youtube tags: what’s in my bag, boyfriend does my makeup, and of course the awesome brother-sister tag, which this blog post will focus on. One set is the DREAM TEAM, the next is the “CRUEL” SIBLINGS, and the third SO SQUISHHY IMMA DIE (SERIOUSLY). Alright, let’s dive into this:


Use one word to describe your sibling. – Angel

For you, it’d be gentle and patient. One of the two. – Eugene

Mmm. My brother, one word, I would have to say, faithful. – Angel


Believe me, we ALL wish he was our brother. Who’s brother is that chill?? And he freaking looks better than a kpop star, sans guyliner! And we wish Angel was our older sister. She would “have [your] back because that’s what sisters are for”.

….which make them on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the sibling spectrum than

2. xxnaivivxx – HIT WITH SASS

“i dont think i have a good memory with you” – Vivian


Okay, so Stephanie and Viv are pretty chill on their own channels, but it feels like torture just getting through the tag… for us and for them! I swear the Zhu sisters are cat fighting on-screen every chance they get (to be fair, it’s mostly Viv, the older sibling). But after cringing through the 21 minute long vid….

3. zoella280328 – the Zhu sisters made Joe and Zoe Sugg look like saints with their rather normal sibling banter


They’re just your normal siblings. By the way, Zoella is probably one of the most well-known youtubers from the UK, well, besides Bubzbeauty. And because they’re from the magical island called England, they have a sweet British accent which is enough reason to watch their video already. That, and lately I have been finding the brother particularly delicious attractive. Not only that, he has this crazy funny sense of humor but is a sweetie at the same time. I’d vote him for DREAM BROTHER numero dos, except until I realized this guy was lamenting about being SINGLE on his instagram a while ago. (double wink) His name is ThatcherJoe on youtube if you’d like to check him out too. (OF COURSE YOU DO!)

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what your favorite siblings are, either from the videos you saw above, or a video you enjoyed watching on youtube~

P.s. which relationship do you have with your brother or sister? The dream team, the ‘cruel’ siblings, or the JOE THATCHER sibling (in which case, please give to me!!!)

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