If you have like 15 minutes to spare this morning, why not make this awesome back to school lunch?

Hi, here’s a foodie post for you as I try to finish my recap for this week’s Super Boys (sorry it’s late! >.<) I have been diligently practicing the guitar lately, trying to self-learn. Good times so far!

Food doesn’t cause drama like our peers, and good, healthy food gives us hope that eventually things will get better. Beauty youtuber, Bethany Mota, shows how you can make healthy packed lunches in time for school or for work. Of course, there’s no obligation to put those lunch ideas into practice as I imagine they take a lot of dedication and time management. Not realistic for me to do anyways haha.

What lunch do you pack for school, or do you pack at all? Which one of the three lunches from the video would you make? I love #1 but it looks too idealized. I guarantee you most people won’t have the diligence to dedicate time and find the materials to make lunch like that all the time.


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