Lan Ling Wang – a pictures post

By now, maybe you have been intrigued at this refreshing take on typical Chinese period dramas called “Lan Ling Wang/兰陵王”. It stars talented actors Ariel Lin and Feng Shao Feng. After jotting down quick overall thoughts about the drama after I finished it, I wanted to retell the drama with images and captions.  Who is your all-time favorite character in Lan Ling Wang? And what is the most memorable quote?

1. our main girl is a descendant of the magical clan of “Nv Wa” and forget magical! she’s just a human girl with an unfortunate ancestry that claims stuff she can’t do


2. really, she’s just a everyday girl who has street smarts and helps people in need. She’s also an inventor! she’s taught people to make fire, filter out dirty water, and surprised the king with fireworks


3. well, and she falls in love with the only man her family (her grandmother) forbids – cause the whole story is based on one prophecy: 


thou shalt not passionately kiss Beauty-with-a-mask and make babies with him because he’s destined to die! And by the way, he’s destined to some other chick who has a surname that is NOT YOU

4. the man in question is a legendary general who fights with a mask because he’s just too gosh-dang pretty to let loose on the battlefield! Name: Lan Ling Wang (royal title) Gao Chang Gong (real name) Si Ye (called by servants) Su Er (called by own grandma)


5. Yu Wen Yong (the king of the Zhou kingdom), he’s actually NOT an antagonist like you would expect 

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.22.57 PM

Just Friendzoned is all.

6. As a show set in a warring period (about a general), there’s surprisingly FEW actual battles

find some action movie to suit your preferences, you're watching a LOVE story

7. And not really much political intrigue, which is good


8. This show’s got too many well-meaning fellows…

I am the role model of all those who have been put in the friend zone.

I am the role model of all those who have been put in the friend zone.

9. And hot subordinates who melt chocolate bars when they smile…

I only relax my brows for my brother, the king!

I only relax my brows for my brother, the king!

10. But any romance drama is not a complete drama without a scary and sadistic ball of poop, the-home wrecker: Zheng Er


11. I guess thankfully good people outweigh the bad?

the most loyal woman comarade im the replacement for the cute girl from despicable me

12. Poor lovers. Xue Wu and too-many-names didn’t ask for much, just to live happily and romantically in the countryside for the rest of their lives.


13. until Zheng Er interferes. 


14. Boy is she unrelenting and meticulous. Even Gao Wei, who normally let’s her have her way, gets anxious:

Damn, girl. Hold your horses

Damn, girl. Hold your horses

15. Gao Wei made two mistakes: hatin’ on the common people’s favorite Lan Ling Wang, and becoming Zheng Er’s puppet… 


OK, you’re like, stop. Just tell me if Ariel and Feng Shao Feng get together and have happy moments together.

The answer is, yes! They have many many funny, adorable happy episodes together.

Some parting words of advice: beware of the cliffhangers, this drama does SUCH a good job with cliffhangers that you will not be able to stop watching once you start. Control yourself!


But to Zheng Er, let’s say this in unison:


It’s okay if you didn’t understand what he told her, it’s exactly what you think: I WANT YOU TO DISAPPEAR, POOPYFACE.

Finally, I just want to comment on a few random things I don’t understand:

  • Zheng Er not having feelings for the king AND lying to him the entire time
  • Lan Ling Wang’s hairstyle and outfits are so incredibly unappealing, yes I have to say it. (god forbid braided ponytails & a gaudy shade of purple together)
  • why does Xue Wu never learn her lesson to NOT follow strange children around? she’s asking for kidnapping.
  • why are some people easily killed and not even mentioned after their death? is it that nobody else’s deaths are important than our main couples’?
  • thought Lan Ling Wang would have more guts than letting  Gao Wei have his way….
  • how does anyone survive falling off a cliff….?! (count number: 2)

Source: 1, Google Images

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10 responses to “Lan Ling Wang – a pictures post”

  1. jjss08 says :

    bwahahahaha xD
    I don’t need to watch the drama anymore~ this is enough. That gif with the egg whites…:P

  2. Ylen says :

    your post made my day. LOL

  3. Nuong Huynh says :

    I love it this .I had watch 5 times already. But at the end , it is better Lam y Than didn’t have to die. Feng shao Feng and Lam y Than should have other movies together again. They were cute cuople .

    • Bumbleberri says :

      I agree with you on that. The death was totally unnecessary and didn’t provide the right closure. Actually on that note, most of the good people died so rushed…. why show?!

  4. Lee Hong says :

    I really enjoyed this drama – full of talented actors and actresses.Love the elaborate costumes.
    Going to have my hair braided soon.
    Care to recommend any more of such historical dramas?

  5. crystalina19 says :

    Things that crack me up
    1. North Qi empress hairdo(EP 14) looks like Mickey Mouse ears
    2. Wei empress is hairdo looks like an enormous pretzel
    3. The same hair piece has been recycled for Xue Wu, when the ladies fr formalities department came to comb her hair.
    4. There are mighty many things that has been recycled.
    All the jails looks the same as the one XW was drugged in the Inn(2nd episode)
    5. The lunchbox which Xiaodong carried to serve SiYe lunch(EP 18?) is exactly the same as the carry case that the doctor came to visit because grandma dowager fainted

  6. Jane says :

    Love Lang Lin wang,nice and romantic, even though the girl not to pretty but good actress. I like the series he look gorgeous and love his character.

    William Feng and Yang Mi are good as couple, but to bad she’s married. William Feng’s real girl friend Ni Ni doesn’t look to well with him, but that his real life story.

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