Lan Ling Wang Episode 31-46 (END) Thoughts

This person said it best:

The first time I felt that in a drama, the second pair of leads (king gao wei and his queen) stellar performance almost overshadows that of the first pair of leads. Gosh, a really great ensemble of cast♥ (Rachael Wang @ Youtube)

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.34.53 PM

By the last third of Lan Ling Wang, everything just becomes so tragic. The events make it sad, but surprisingly this drama has successfully skirted around from misunderstandings (most of that is concentrated in the middle episodes 20-30). This is a horrible show because the ensemble cast are so fabulous at making us cry. Gao Wei once again made me mad dash to grab my tissue box because he actually found out that Zheng Er is evil and doesn’t love him, but STILL ate the poisonous drug she fed him every night as ‘sleeping pills’. Another really amazing scene was when Zheng Er goes to visit Si Ye/Lan Ling Wang in the secret chamber and she spills out to him her vulnerable love for him that he’ll never reciprocate.

By the last episode, I was skipping around like CRAZY. It was ridiculous how the only parts I remembered to watch intently were Gao Wei and Zheng Er’s deaths on the field. I know, weird, but I guess these antagonists were just that compelling. Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.25.17 PM

A big theme in this drama is: one-sided love. THERE IS A LOT OF THAT HAPPENING.  Jokingly, I think it’s Xue Wu and Si Ye’s love for each other that caused so many of these tragedies to happen. Here’s 5 people who have tragically fallen in love with the wrong person:

1) Yu Wen Yong falls for Xue Wu who automatically friendzones him. Even as Zhou emperor (enemy state), he risks his life to save Xue Wu soooo many times. Like that time in a cave where his face was scratched, escaping on horseback with arrows shot at him, and even protecting her from his own queen whose jealousy made her send monks to kill Xue Wu.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.22.57 PM

2) Zheng Er… is no doubt, THE person we all love to hate. Evil women are scary. She was heartbreaking, she was scary, but above all – she should not have blindly love Si Ye. This character is incredibly sadistic but still somehow retains her core intentions – to get Si Ye to notice her. I don’t have enough fingers to count just how many sinister acts Zheng Er did. Hmm yeah. Anyone want to go for it? I challenge someone to list all the evil stuff she’s done since her first appearance. 


3) Gao Wei is the crown prince of Qi and eventually becomes king. He’s the only antagonist who is not all that evil. Gao Wei is just…. too dependent on Zheng Er and too competitive with an inferiority complex. He hates Si Ye’s guts because everyone keeps comparing him to Si Ye . His only mistake is his lovesickness for Zheng Er, who eventually uses him to kill her political opponents. He is a puppet king. The fact that it is Gao Wei who kills Xue Wu in the end doesn’t really make sense? I thought it was out of character for him and totally unnecessary for Xue Wu to die.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.25.27 PM

4) Han Xiao Dong should be on here. I like him a lot. He’s Xue Wu’s little helper. Even though Xiao Dong harbors obvious affections for Xue Wu, he, similar to Yu Wen Yong, was friendzoned. Hard. But he never became evil like Zheng Er. He was just loyal and kind and sacrificing – a good role model for all that are friend zoned – don’t get evil on us! Wow, I just realised the male characters in Lan Ling Wang are incredibly selfless.


5) Yu Wen Yong’s queen is one character who I was completely bored about at the beginning, then liked, then hated, then pitied. But at least she wasn’t THAT evil like Zheng Er. All she really did was slap Xue Wu across the face and then sent people to kill pregnant-Xue Wu (which fails).


I think this might need a follow-up reflections post because there’s a lot I haven’t covered in this post and the other two.

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7 responses to “Lan Ling Wang Episode 31-46 (END) Thoughts”

  1. Crystal says :

    In what episodes did they kiss??? I haven’t seen any kiss scene of LAN ling wang and xue wue on eps 1-18 ;(

  2. Cathy says :

    I love this drama so much that I’ve decided to research everything related to it, and upon this, I found your thread, such warming words. Keep it up, I’ll be your loyal audience! Thank you!

    PS, I’m kinda sad reading your url or title of this thread because it’s so true. There are many talented actors/singers in Mainland China & Taiwan but not a lot people it due to the “k-pop craze”
    I’ll keep rooting c-dramas and c-pop all the way. Thank you so much.

  3. Turtle says :

    I actually realized the reason why Gao Wei shot the arrow at Xue Wue cos he didnt want lan ling wang to be happy. I think it was on the quote that Gao Wei told the prince and then he shot Zheng Er. But I’m kinda torn with the King getting to see Xue Wue tho she died. I feel like he shouldve, but its just me.

  4. Kelvin says :

    Thanks a lot for this awesome post. Keep up the good work. I’ll be coming back lots.
    I agree with most of the points you make within this content.

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