These Cartoon iPhone Cases Are Every Phone-Lover’s Fantasy


From wood-material One Piece covers to satirical comics, here’s 9 seriously hard-to-resist graphic designs and textures you have to check out. There’s our favorite moostache. There’s a KFC pancake with emoticons. Maybe that is iPhone’s true appeal…. a never-ending wonderland of beautiful outfits to accessorize your phone with! Of course, we have to give props to businesses who are making a good sum from this phone accessories market. Links to the merch are at the end of the post. Have fun browsing through:

“Shit! Got More Handsome” Comic iPhone Case


This one says: Shit! I just got more handsome.

Monk Satirical Comic iPhone case


This one says: Abstain from smoking. Abstain from wine. Abstain from lovers.

An Assortment of MOLANG Cartoon Plastic Cases

T2uBZPXl8XXXXXXXXX_!!1106861147 T2q.wOXeRaXXXXXXXX_!!1106861147 T2VJAPXcpaXXXXXXXX_!!1106861147 T2IuLwXlxaXXXXXXXX_!!654416985

Colorful Strawberry/Fruit Cases


KFC Pancakes or Maybe Pastries Cases


Sleek Paul Frank Brand iPhone Cases


Wooden One-Piece Anime Design Cases


Where to buy: TaoBao

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