Super Boys Top 9 Recap: Follow along!

As for as favorite singers, I think all the fans already have ones in mind by now.

Fan Bing Bing and her male escort, Aarif Lee

Fan Bing Bing and her male escort, Aarif Lee

(read carefully) This is a recap of Super Boy Top 10 into 9: today’s episode, they are only going to eliminate one singer out of the ten. Only one. I will, at the end, include links to the three videos that are most worth checking out.

Ou Hao is the first person in line to perform and he gets to select one person to compete with – which he picks Zuo Li. Those two guys are on opposite ends of the spectrum by the way, in terms of the types of singing. Whoa. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

*information may still be inaccurate because this is written as I watch, so stay tuned for updates on this post

Judges: what – WHAT? Not only is Fan Bing Bing appearing on the show, both her and her movie costar Aarif Lee are treated to a VIP seat. And get this, FBB can choose to replace – temporarily of course – one of the three Super Boy judges (Li Yuchun, Chen Kun, or Tao Zi). So basically she has the power of a judge in this show now. To clarify, FBB just represents the votes people from social networking site Weibo (so yes, it is democratic voting process, don’t worry).

How the judges determine winners: This is pretty cute. They can draw pictures on a small whiteboard who they choose. For example, Tao Zi drew a cartoon of Ou Hao with bulging biceps:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.01.46 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.01.22 PM

Basically, Ou Hao ended up getting all three votes, so that just means he will directly get into Top 5. Yay! Not surprised though. Meanwhile Zuo Li is in ‘waiting/to be determined’, not eliminated. Eventually Zuo Li will have a chance to PK with other singers put in the ‘waiting’.

Watch it along with me: here

Second to be challenged: Zhang Yang Yang. He picks Rao Wei, another opposite, but its in personality differences. Personally, I think Zhang Yang Yang > Rao Wei by a lot, but we will see how things go….

Performing first, Zhang Yang Yang proceeds to unleash his singing power with the song “Melody”. Looks like practicing those few days in the studio and told to vary his singing so as to make it less one-toned paid off for ZYY:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.32.59 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.31.43 PM

Can you even recall this was the same guy who graduated from police school?

Next Rao Wei almost gives ZYY a run for his money with such a sensual and great performance (so unexpected judging by his mild performance that almost got him eliminated earlier)

OOO that was an unexpected good choice of song for Rao Wei

OOO that was an unexpected good choice of song for Rao Wei

Awww… what will the judges think now? How is this going to play out?

Tao Zi teases Rao Wei: Rao wei is like a small vixen… and Tao Zi again draws an adorable picture of who she’s voting for:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 2.48.38 PM

Alas, it’s not Zhang Yang Yang?! My heart…. *shattered*

Oh, but after the other judges (and fans) vote, Zhang Yang Yang still emerges as winner. WOOT.

Next up, Yu Menglong challenges… wait for it. Everybody’s favorite ‘folk’ singer Jia Sheng Qiang. Ok, so even if Yu has improved by leaps and bounds (like Rao Wei did), choosing to compete against Little Q is a mistake. Although, I’m gonna admit I was a bit touched when Yu addressed the stuff netizens commented about him and basically expressed his determination to continue no matter what people say.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.24.27 PM

As Yu Menglong sings “If The Cloud Knows”, I’m thinking, at least he sings better than Huang Xiao Ming’s singing attempts. And if you were wondering, he has improved a bit since two weeks ago.

Little Q sings a song he composed and wrote the lyrics for a crush from his college years. Sentimental and touching – just like his usual self. Judges revealed that Little Q is afraid of people talking trash about him. But as they reminded him, to be a celebrity/idol, one must endure criticism and people’s dislikes. Know that not everyone will like you and still be able to endure it. Fan Bing Bing gave a memorable line: You need to be able to accept as much praise as much as you can endure criticism/hate. (你能禁得起多少赞美就能抵得住多大的诋毁)

Fourth group: Hua Chenyu and Ning Huanyu. So the alien boy + music genius? Wut.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.23.33 PM

As you know, they are both reallly reallly good. Can’t choose!

Curious about Hua Chenyu’s first foray into Chinese music – he’s still fantastic but lost some of his weird gestures and hyperventilating facial expressions. No, that’s not a bad thing if you want to be a Chinese idol singer.

Ning Huanyu, also a 180 degree change, gives off a nice, passionate vibe when performing a simple-lyric “When you love me”. He becomes much less stiff and no longer relies on ‘tricks’ to engage the audience.

Needless to say, the judges are floored. Chen Kun even went as far as, “I… can’t vote, I’m going to pass FBB the authority to cast the vote”. And then later, when he had to vote: “I will pick Hua Chengyu but Ning Huanyu, I will come to save you [from the to-be-determined].” Touching…

*drum rollls* last pair to compete is Yu Tian and Bai Ju Gang. Some people have dubbed these two, ‘ones who have the champion face’, the greatest honor of all. Other have dubbed them ‘the black and white duo’, a play on Yu Tian’s tan skin color and Bai Ju Gang’s last name which means white.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.50.18 PM

Yu Tian and Bai Ju Gang both perform super catchy, upbeat tunes: Bai goes for half-english-half-chinese song “Beautiful Love” and Yu Tian goes for “Let Me Love Enough in One Time” (sorry hard to translate) with backup singers.

Who gets the vote?

Bai Ju Ganggggg. So Yu Tian is put in ‘waiting.


Now is time for the real battle because one person has to be eliminated from the waiting list. There are currently 5.

2 people will get to go directly to the next level from the waiting list (decided by judges): Ning Huanyu, Zuo Li.

And something unexpected – Yu Menglong, who is picked by judges as having the poorest performance out of the ones put into ‘to-be-determined’ gets to pick from Yu Tian or Rao Wei who he wants to PK with. The one he doesn’t choose will automatically be sent to join the ranks of Top 10 in the country. I knew it!! Yu Menglong picks Rao Wei. Yu Tian is touched that Yu Menglong decided to send him to Top 9, so that means Yu menglong will PK Rao wei.

You know, I think Yu Meng Long will get in if fans really like him for his personality and looks, but Rao Wei might get in because of his last performance (which was pretty surprisingly good). The judges aren’t actually going to be voting here, with all the power now resting in the hands of 1,000 female audiences. Something to note: both guys have actually gone through this PK process already, against different opponents, and won (not without controversy), so they are all too familiar with this intense battle for the eventual winner.

Here’s a cheesy pic of the final PK contestants before they battle for the last spot-

too much photoshop, guys?

too much photoshop, guys?

Best videos: Rao Wei’s unexpected sensual “Rosemary” Bai Ju Gang’s “Beautiful Love”Hua Chenyu’s “Me”, honorable mention is Zhang Yang Yang’s “Melody”(which he sang while having just hurt his throat from over-singing a few days ago)

Recap – completed. Now, for next week’s battle for top 8.

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5 responses to “Super Boys Top 9 Recap: Follow along!”

  1. Tracy says :

    Thanks for the recap!!

    -Zuo Li and Yu Tian did worse than usual, and I was so impressed by Hua Chengyu and Ning Hanyu.

    -So glad Yu Menglong went home! His singing just wasnt up to standard

    -I don’t understand why the judges always pass Ou Hao. I like him and his stage presence, but he barely even sings and his raps aren’t that impressive

    • Bumbleberri says :

      I agree with everything you said.
      Yu Tian needs to be more confident in his songs, especially the upbeat/dancing ones like this.
      And I feel the same way about Ou Hao because its hard to gauge his singing ability with him just rapping. But I guess they’ll keep him anyways because he’s like the only contestant who raps.
      If Ning Huanyu wasn’t up against Chenyu, he would have easily gotten in!

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