Beginning of the End of Super Boys Broadcast: Who Will Make Top 5? Commentary chart….


While anticipating Friday’s battle, some thoughts….

Alien brother Hua Chenyu is finally, finally performing a Chinese song for us! Can’t wait. I know everyone loves his shaking and slightly creepy gestures on stage whilst screaming “SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW”…. but a Chinese song will show the full range of his abilities, since the judges will actually understand it enough to accurately judge, you know. I saw a nice preview of it on Sing if You Want (Xiang Chang Jiu Chang; basically a video recap of the exciting things that happen to the competitors)

Does Zhang Yang Yang remind anyone else a bit of Taecyeon? He does for me. Both have thick eyebrows, that bowl-shaped hairstyle ( Taec did in Cinderella’s Sister), can make puppy eyes, and the same lanky awkwardness.


Bumbleberri Predicts the Top 5:

1. Bai Ju Gang

2. Hua Chenyu

3. Zhang Yang Yang

4. Yu Tian

5. Ou Hao/Ning Huanyu

(omg what if – two of them have to PK? Please let’s not do PKs at this stage of the game.)

Actually on Friday, from my understanding, only five out of the ten are competing and then NEXT friday, the next five will compete. If that is the case, we shall only see a bit of bloodshed here. They have already picked the order of who’s going (in order): Ou Hao, Zhang Yang Yang, Rao Wei, Jia Sheng Qiang, Yu Meng Long, Zuo Li, Bai Ju Gang, Yu Tian, Hua Chenyu, Ning Huanyu.

Hunan’s official website dedicated a section to predicting who will become the next Super Boy Champion. That’s right, folks, we’re talking about predicting who will be number one. Well, here’s my take on it: Interactive chart ^-^ Who do you want to be number 1? Go vote for your favorite! It’s fun, I promise. And you will see who the Chinese netizens voted for. And you’ll probably be shocked at the number of votes Yu Menglong received. Did some people honestly think he will lead the pack?

who's gonna be NUMBER 1? Guesses.

FUN CHART *Purely speculation

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