Tang Yan doesn’t leave home without her trusty hat (collective fashion)


Whenever, wherever. Chinese actress Tang Yan reveals her sweet demeanor and good taste for hats in her daily life shots. The actress, who is blessed with flawless skin and above-average height (at 170 cm), often goes outside barefaced with casual sweats. However one thing cannot be forgotten – the hat, the hat! Although most of us normal folks won’t be able to pull off a graphic baseball hat as well as Tang, it doesn’t mean that we don’t lust for them now that we’ve seen how cute she makes them look.







OH, I forgot to mention she has a thing for bold glasses frames too.



Do you think it suits Tang Yan? Would you wear a bold colored hat or one with graphic images/text outside? My faves would have to be her first and second pictures.

Source: http://mingxing.tuku.com/shenghuozhao/1485/1.html

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