5 Irrational Super Boy Biases

Who doesn’t like eye candy? Between you and I, the main deal-maker of singing show Super Boys is getting a sneak-peek of China’s new generation of idol singers, in the making. But as you know, the show has already CONTROVERSIALLY eliminated some of our favorites

1. Mr. Cheeky

Make no excuses, Xie Bin Bin is not a good singer by any standards, let alone a national singing competition. Bin Bin does, however, have personal charms that would make him a good entertainer. Eliminated during the top 66 round, Bin Bin has quickly become a highlight in YY Revival (YY复活) for his cheeky remarks and humor (and dimples dimples!). This is the kind of guy that would be a fantasy on any college campus but not on a singing show.

2.  Prince of Sorrow

Ma Chen sings with all his might and he’s got that star-look. A truly passionate singer who tends to go for melancholy-sounding ballads. Also eliminated during the top 66 round, Ma Chen can actually sing! He’s the kind of singer who I would pay to go to a live concert because his sincerity and passion for singing REALLY shows through his facial and hand gestures. Hunan TV would probably benefit from having this pretty boy on board, in any case.

3. The Good Badboy

Fan Shi Qi has already proved himself a natural entertainer on “Xiang Chang Jiu Chang” and a fantastic idol singer – what is there not to love? Although Fan has this badboy look, he doesn’t seem so ‘bad’. In Top 10, rapper Ou Hao would easily rob him of that title.

4. Just Yang Yang

Yang Yang is an honest (but not the best) singer and he has the boy-next-door kind of charisma.

5. MV-Director Yuuuuuuu

Man, Yu Menglong has been featured on here more than any other Super Boy I’ve talked about. Well, that’s because 1) he’s creating a LOT of buzz, mostly negative reactions from netizens who complain that he got into TOP 10; 2) Yu is already a professional music video director which is one of my dream careers; and 3) he’s one eye candy I would be sad if he got eliminated even though it is inevitable.

Okay your turn! Name your irrational loves. Doesn’t have to be a SuperBoy.

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3 responses to “5 Irrational Super Boy Biases”

  1. SJZGloria says :

    We have the same biases, except for Ma Chen, he’s too 娘 for me. And Yu Menglong is… he shouldn’t have gotten through, but I understand why eeMedia would want to sign him. Ou Hao is the cool bad boy and Fan Shiqi is the classy bad boy. I really hope eeMedia will sign 3 from the revival group – Wei Yining, Fan Shiqi, Yang Yang, or that Zong Guofeng guy.

  2. Bumbleberri says :

    I LOL-ed at your comment about Ma Chen, somewhat true, but maybe he’s just reserved? Yeah it would be a pity if Fan doesn’t get offers, because he’s definitely star material. Who’s Zong Guofeng again? 😛

  3. SJZGloria says :

    I meant 中国风 genre. The guy’s name is Qi Xiaolong (齐小龙), he’s singing isn’t that great but you don’t get many amateur zhong guo feng composer, so I thought it was a real shame he got eliminated =(

    It’s eeMedia’s lost if they don’t sign Fan Shiqi and Wei Yining.

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