Ajusshi! Popular Veteran Actors You May Recognize But Don’t Actually Know

How many do you recognize? Very few Western asian drama viewers discuss the veteran actors who are popular domestically and who are no less important in shaping our viewer experience than that new kid on the Asian entertainment block. I think it’s time to shed a light on these actors who are both highly recognizable and yet maintain a low public profile than their young, idol actor counterparts. You can usually see these ajusshi* take on supporting characters (but sometimes they are the main roles): the father, head of a group, wealthy merchant, the emperor, the evil prime minister, a funny robot engineer.

Kou Zhen Hai  寇振海


Kuranosuke Sasaki 佐々木蔵之介


Shen Bao Ping 沈保平



Kim Gab Soo 김갑수


Yue Yao Li 岳跃利


Gong Fang Min 公方敏


Anthony Wong




Zhang Tie Lin 张铁林


*AJUSSHI: A Korean term that literally means something like “Uncle”, and refers to an older man; perhaps some of these veteran actors should be considered OJISAN/grandpa haha… some are in their 50s.

This list include veteran actors I personally like to see onscreen. What are your faves?


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3 responses to “Ajusshi! Popular Veteran Actors You May Recognize But Don’t Actually Know”

  1. wootness says :

    Kuranosuke Sasaki! Yea! He was so good in Absolute Boyfriend! There are many HK drama actors that I like. I don’t know their names but I recognize them in every HK drama lol!

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Yep! Zettai Kareshi was the first drama I saw him in. Even though Kuranosuke was just a supporting character, he made it memorable and funny.
      I know what you mean about the names – spent a good portion of time trying to figure out some of these actors’ names by going through the dramas I remember they cameoed

  2. Layla says :

    Kou Zhenhai from romance rain!! 8D Anthony Wong and Princess Pearl’s emperor, Kim Gab Soo the pirate from emperor sea.

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