Super Boy’s Top 10 – Who Actually Made it?! Well our adorable alien boy sure did.

Top 10 is revealed Friday night (in China time)! 7 out of the 10 I predicted actually got in! You can say my prediction is magic. Or the ten finalists just give off bupingfan* star power and singing quality. Surprising that Yu Menglong hasn’t been brushed off the list yet with his barely-passable voice, not that I mind, I mean the guy is quite some eye candy and definitely looks like a classmate I know.

It's clickable! Sorry Zuo Li, we couldn't fit you on the pic (it is indeed top 10)

It’s clickable! Sorry Zuo Li, we couldn’t fit you on the pic (it is indeed top 10)

  1. 华晨宇 Hua Chenyu: He is dubbed the “Alien” superboy. After watching his perf, “some artists, I would buy their CDs to listen at home, for you, I would buy a ticket to see you at a live concert” – Chen Kun (judge)
  2. 于湉 Yu Tian: This Tianjin-native who studied in Canada is good at jazz stuff. Infectious voice and a powerful stage presence.
  3. 贾盛强 Jia Sheng Qiang: Little Q may be a country bumpkin, short, and unattractive, but he’s got the voice. And original guitar songs. 
  4. 宁桓宇 Ning Huanyu: Ning is a prodigy at music school. Arrogrant but has gotten better after Chen Kun gave him at caution at the preliminaries. 
  5. 白举纲 Bai Jugang: Kid’s got a pure face and beautiful, honest voice. I think he’s going to be number one. 
  6. 张阳阳 Zhang Yang Yang: Can you believe this babyface graduated from police school?! I can’t. 
  7. 欧豪 Ou Hao: If he didn’t choose that rap song, he probably wouldn’t make it. People just like his badboy image. -_- Yes, I’m bitter. Fan Shiqi could’ve had his spot. 
  8. 于朦胧 Yu Menglong: Like I said, he’s just a decent singer and has quite a nice, modest personality. Very easy on the eyes though.
  9. 左立 Zuo Li: He’s kind of…boring. What got him famously known as the fiancee of “Ms. Xiong” doesn’t cut it for me.
  10. 饶威 Rao Wei: “I want to be the Chinese Justin Bieber!” Watch out for this guy, boys and girls.

*bupingfan (不平凡): above the usual, different from the masses

Were there any singers you liked in particular? One of my faves was Fan Shiqi. Menglong made it to top 10 but not my ShiQi?! Well at least he is fighting on YY for a fan-revival-of-eliminated-Super-Boys. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy his recent hosting gig where he’s temporarily replaced the guy normally covering the Olympic games SuperBoy competition.

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    Jia you, Yu Tian!

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