Best of this year’s Super Boy performances (videos)

Been covering China’s Super Boy singing competition on Underrated Gems, introduction to Super BoysTop 20 Top 10. Too lazy to catch up on the show? From the competition so far, these 8 performances were the highlights for me.

Most infectious: Yu Tian performs “Zi You Zi Zai” In less than one minute – Everyone get a ‘beautiful high’. No drugs involved 😉

What a story! Unique points for this guy: Wang Jing, performs “I Can CHUA”

Can you not tear up after hearing this? I broke my replay button. (just kid! there’s no replay button on laptop, silly) Liu Junyu brings us a Meteor Garden favorite “The Love You Want”

Two heartfelt messages of love: Judges’-favorite Bai Jugang serenades to you “Everyday”; crowd-favorite Yang Yang goes for “The Things Those Girls Taught Me”.

So catchy you’ll want to jump out of your chair right this minute: Fan Shi Qi’s “What I See What I Eat”

Aw shucks: Ning Huanyu wins our heart in “Your Backpack” WOOO. Actually I think it’s just that the song is too awesome.

And who says athletes can’t sing: Wang Bowen goes for a classic (?) “I Love You”

Who are your favorites? As for me, I’m excited for Wei Yining and Ma Chen to come back ‘revived’ to compete in the final!  

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3 responses to “Best of this year’s Super Boy performances (videos)”

  1. T says :

    I love Yu Tian!! I also think Ning Hangyu is very talented. I loved Song Wei’s performance in the top 20 and feel like he shouldn’t have been eliminated:(

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