Watching: Where Ady An is Socialite-Turned-Commoner


Man, do Chinese tv series like to turn the melo on full blast. I’ve seen one too-many melos freaking disguised as romcom fare. Exception: National Princess (全民公主) is sort of like a romantic-comedy and melo sandwich, so don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Ady An and cuteness with her two co-stars Sun Yizhou and Nathan Lee. The skeleton of this series is occasional formulaic but they did a pretty nice job tweaking the details and making good characters you want to root for. (if anything – episode 31 is a must-watch)

Story: Zhou Xiaotong (Ady An) is a socialite who’s only relative is her CEO grandfather. She lives a rich, spoiled life. She begins a love story with a poor guy Yu Zihao (Sun Yizhou), who grew up in an orphanage with bff Hua Yuen (Nathan Lee). With her grandfather’s sudden disappearance, Xiaotong goes from wealthy girl to a commoner-status. Zihao breaks up with her, telling her that he had been scheming to get close to her for the past year because she was rich. Heartbroken but determined to get back her grandfather’s company, Xiaotong begans the long journey and starts anew as an entry-level worker. She does not know that Zihao broke up with her for another reason. Meanwhile, Zihao’s childhood bff falls for Xiaotong too…. (my own translation)

The Princess really evolves into a super addictive romance series, not idol-like, and skirts around the usual plot devices. The actors all do a pretty good job as well- especially the Korean costar, Nathan Lee. As the audience, we almost forget there is a language barrier when Nathan interacts with Ady and Sun Yizhou.


What this series did right was awesome: shippy couples (all the fantasies come true), you can feel the loveeee minus the cheeseee, good wrapping up at the finale where the 2nd lead has a very satisfying (and not rushed) ending

What would make this the perfect story: cut out the episodes between 6 and 31. Aka make the angst go away! They need to tone down the evil part of the grandma (since she was well-meaning until all those layers)


In interviews and bts, Ady An has always been known as the tomboyish actress who can get along chummily with each of her male costars. But since the beginning of her television career, Ady has been thrust into too many weepy roles that do not match her fun and bubbly real-life character. Her role as Xiao Tong is the perfect transition because it requires Ady to balance her bubbly traits with her expertise in the sadder scenes.

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5 responses to “Watching: Where Ady An is Socialite-Turned-Commoner”

  1. dramamochi says :

    FInally a more suitable role for Ady An. I believe she’s always stuck in period drama, weeping all the time and etc. Then in a modern drama, she couldn’t escape all the tears either…in Autumn Concerto.

  2. heisui says :

    Wow I haven’t even heard of this drama before! I like Ady An’s look here. So did you watch this drama all the way or did you sorta skim through the angsty parts?

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