Links to Check Out — Chongqing, the fastest growing metropolis on earth?

1. China’s Secret Metropolis has the population of New York City and is apparently the fastest growing city in the world. But…Westerners don’t really know about it. Located in the center of China, quite the distance away from its well-known cousins Beijing and Shanghai, Chongqing is one of the few big cities that is not near the coastline. A Norwegian fellow decides to try a hand at grasping the essence and development of Chongqing in this delightfully funny and daring documentary that runs about 40 minutes. If you want a more professional and quick 10 minute video on this subject, check out BBC’s “China’s Unknown Mega City” – their take on Chongqing’s rapid growth.

2. Did the news of the 9/11 attacks feel like a passerby, or did it have a traumatizing effect on your life? Gripping, chilling, and based on phone calls, messages, and other forms of communication – 102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers has everything you wanted to know about what exactly happened that changed NYC forever. It may be hard to stomach at times, but an important book.

3. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Top 10 Best Video Editing software, for anyone interested in shooting and editing video. Having heard of the Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere for so many years and having tried Cyberlink PowerDirector (which is amazing but have heard that it crashes when editing larger files), I’m all for taking a 30 day trial on the praised-about Corel editing system now.

4. Tired of learning normal Chinese and want to understand what all the Chinese youngsters are saying? What does BT and TMD stand for – and what the heck does Fuyun 浮云 mean? Here’s all the Chinese internet slang to catch up on! Easy to navigate and better than urban dictionary. You can use this for a reference the next time you’re on Weibo.

5. Two Cosmetic Products that have been achieving rave reviewsKATE Gel Eyeliner promises to not give you panda eyes (no smudge). Laneige Water Sleeping Pack locks in moisture and hydrates the skin like a mask while you sleep. WANT WANT.

6. What is open to only college students and where you can earn $ for checking out companies? And you never have to pay for anything. Jebbit is an online startup founded by Boston College students where you can earn real cash by interacting with participating companies. Jebbit is basically an advertising firm that uses an innovative way to connect customers and companies who want to reach out to their target market. Because it is a new startup, they only have a demo released.

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