Yang Mi’s Airport Fashion (collective)


Yang Mi looks fantastic in er airport pictures so I thought I’d share it with the fashion junkies.

You might like it if your style is: cool, refreshing, practical, stylish, not revealing, put-together


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4 responses to “Yang Mi’s Airport Fashion (collective)”

  1. samtotally says :

    Airports are some of the trickiest places to dress for. Great post!
    Do check out my blog: http://samtotally.wordpress.com/
    I recently started blogging! Followed btw 🙂

    • Bumbleberri says :

      Thank you for the follow! I must admit, even though I know this is one of those promote-your-site comments, I do appreciate your comment and went to your website. Really liked it – from the content to the personal voice you give it 🙂

      • samtotally says :

        Awh no I really like dressing up for the airport but hardly ever know what to wear. I actually liked your post! But thanks for the appreciation and for giving my site a visit 🙂

      • Bumbleberri says :

        It’s nothing personal. Made that comment because many people put links to their website and a relevant comment but when I check it’s about a completely different focus/topic of interest than my own… But glad you hear you enjoyed this post! Followed back. This site focuses on Chinese celebrity news and entertainment but occasionally like to venture to the fashion and lifestyle, just a heads up.

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