Watching: Hunting (猎杀) 2013 War TV Series


mortal enemies of Hunting gathered cheerfully in one room

Intriguing beginning and suspense drives this show. Hunting (Lie Sha/猎杀) makes no reservations on depicting the grittiness of war. Set in the 1930s-1940s China, the Japanese invasion of China pitted the Imperial Japanese soldiers with Chinese guerrilla fighters. In true propaganda fashion, the basic thing to remember is that Chinese are good and the Japanese are bad.

I like that our protagonist, Anna, started out being a simple-minded nun who sang in a church. She symbolized innocence and purity in the midst of warfare and actress Lan Ying Ying (Legend of Zhen Huan, movie “Painted Mural”) made her role believable.

The set and props could have been done better. It seems like they are on a tight budget. Main locations are the Japanese camp, a villiage, and the woods (lots of it).

The first 10 episodes, which I have watched already, is gripping and reminiscent of Korean drama Gakistal in the terrifying way the Japanese treated their Korean prisoners of war. The main antagonist is Japanese general Shan Xian (according to Google Translate, his Japanese name would be Hirugun). The Japanese have captured two Chinese communist fighters and are transporting them along a dirt road when their car is ambushed by a ‘mountain ghost’ who shot an arrow at one Japanese soldier. Funny enough, the Communists who were hiding in the bushes getting ready to save their comrades were peeved at the mysterious helper. Because now the Japanese were aware of their presence! The operation-save-the-comrades fail and the two prisoner of war are sent to the Japanese headquarters to get interrogated. Turns out the Japanese wanted to know where they hid some medicine and First-Aid stuff. The vital medicine could potentially save thousands of Chinese soldiers’ lives. Anna is recruited by Shan Xian to treat a Japanese soldier but soon begins to help the captured Chinese… Anna’s expertise in medical field makes it so that she can easily get in and out of the Japanese camp…


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