The torturous battle for China’s top 20 singers & predictions who will be the winners

Why Chinese singing competitions are a gamble. You toss out the pretty boys but then groom the ones who are left into “idol singers”. Since the Top 20 finalists are already determined, I will tell you 10 contestants who I predict will win in this year’s Super Boy. In less than 22 hours, we will see how many of my predictions came true.

Can you spot your favorites in the top 20 who are our finalists?

Can you spot your favorites who made the top20?

My Predictions for Top 10 Are (bolded are ones I personally hope will get in):

  1. 华晨宇 Hua Chenyu
  2. 宋伟 Song Wei
  3. 于湉 Yu Tian
  4. 贾盛强 Jia Sheng Qiang
  5. 宁桓宇 Ning Huanyu
  6. 白举纲 Bai Jugang
  7. 王启 Wang Qi
  8. 张阳阳 Zhang Yang Yang
  9. 欧豪 Ou Hao
  10. 范世琦 Fan Shiqi

By the way, the 10 finalists will be determined on July 26th! Mark your calendars if you think you’ll be tuning in (curiousity kills the cat).

Here are my favorites out of all the contestants (some who have already been eliminated and some are in the finalists):

于朦­胧, 刘俊宇,王博文, 王晶, 范世琦, 马晨, 谢彬彬, 魏一宁,杨洋,魏帅, 华晨宇, 何天宇

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