Super Boy Competitors Wei Yining and Liu Junyu With Their Many Similarities

I don’t know about you, but good singers can sing the hell out of a song and instill a flame in the heart that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. What makes me love a singer is when he is truly into his song and the stage merges with the artist himself.

As for Wei Yining and Liu Junyu, both are acquired tastes. I didn’t particularly like either even when everybody else was oohing and ahhing at their pretty boy faces. But then I heard Wei Yining sing and then Liu Junyu sing. Though these two are not the cream of the crop in terms of singing, they are sincere singers and it shows through their eyes and heartfelt emotions. And then Wei Yining covers the classic Romance in the Rain’s ending song… Oh my heart. LOL, but seriously, just that song immediately throws me into the romantic setting of Romance in the Rain.

So if you read til here, you might be wondering, what is so similar about these two? Let me tell you something interesting:

  1. they have both performed “Those Years” which is the theme song from You Are the Apple of My Eye, in fact, Liu even released a Cantonese single of said song before this year’s Super Boy competition!
  2. both were eliminated from the national round where the 66 singers compete for 20 spots (but are both participating in YY’s FuHuo ‘Revival’ which might bring them back in time for the top 5 competition; if you have a lot of fans/supporters, this should be a piece of cake…well maybe)
  3. both are fan favorites – something that stems from the fact that they’re pretty nice eye candy. Liu’s face looks like Chen Kun in his younger days. Wei’s face reminds me a lot of Jumei cosmetics CEO Chen Ou.

Tune in tomorrow for the official list on who our TOP 20 Finalists are – and who I predict will be in the top 10. 

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